Heatwave worries: is using a fan all night making you ill?

The large majority of us can’t sleep without a fan on at the moment – but just how is that impacting our health? [Photo: Getty]
The large majority of us can’t sleep without a fan on at the moment – but just how is that impacting our health? [Photo: Getty]

When it comes to getting your daily 6-8 hours of sleep, catching some zzz’s in this heatwave is no joke.

People across the UK are going to great lengths to keep cool as the temperatures continue to rise. Passing time at public pools, snacking through the UK’s list of favourite ice lollies and taking cold showers, the heatwave is becoming all-consuming.

One simple way to beat the heat at night is to keep a fan bedside and let it run through the night. But is this safe? It depends on who you ask.

According to the Ladbible, leaving a fan to work its cooling magic all night could lead to cold symptoms in the morning.

Circulating air around the room, your fan can cause a disturbance of dust and pollen that makes its way to your sinuses, drying them out. For asthma and hay fever sufferers, using a fan at night could worsen symptoms.

Other risks involved in using a fan include promoting dry skin and eyes. If you’ve been waking up with sore muscles, these cramped body parts could also be attributed to your fan. Concentrated cold air may cause muscles to tense up over a prolonged amount of time – and if you have a sore throat then you most likely sleep with your mouth open.

According to sleepadvisor.org, having a fan nearby while sleeping boasts many benefits: white noise to help you fall asleep, temperature control to prevent you from waking up in a sweaty panic every few minutes and air circulation to keep the room from feeling stuffy.

The NHS heatwave website lists the following tips to avoid overheating: keep windows closed in severe heat (and only open them when there’s a cool breeze), keep rooms cool by closing shades, take frequent cold showers, stay hydrated with cold drinks, identify and reside in the coolest rooms in the home, and wear loose clothing to assist with regulating your body temperature.

In this current UK heatwave, sleeping without a fan may be unimaginable, and lucky for you with the above tips you should be able to stay cool without being at risk of getting sick.

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