Working out with your partner could improve your relationship

Studies have shown you'll both work harder than you would if you were alone. [Photo: Getty]
Studies have shown you'll both work harder than you would if you were alone. [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all heard how exercising with a partner could improve accountability.

After all, having a bit of healthy competition makes us work harder than we otherwise would.

Studies are showing that it doesn’t just improve your fitness, it improves your relationship, too. Double bonus.

PureGym surveyed more than 2,000 people about working out together and as it turns out, 74% of men said that training together had made their bond stronger.

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It makes sense. Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy as any Legally Blonde fan will attest to.

It seems many celebrity couples already knew about this relationship booster. There has been a sharp rise in the amount of couple workouts surfacing on Instagram.

And, now we know why.

Frankie and Wayne Bridge are arguably the King and Queen of the joint workout. Posting regular couple routines from their gym, the pair aren’t afraid of a challenge.

Of course, working out together isn’t just about going to the gym. You’d be surprised at the amount of calories you could burn walking the dog.

Other celebrity couples, like Emma and Matt Willis get the whole family involved with bike rides, which is good for working out and for just getting outdoors.

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Personal trainer and owner of Body Clinic, James Burroughs told Yahoo!: “I train a lot of couples and aside from the obvious health and fitness benefits, it’s a great opportunity for couples to spend time together.”

“With work, children and busy social calendars, it’s a bit of uninterrupted time to workout. Plus, exercise makes you feel great afterwards, and if you’re both reaping the benefits, your relationship is bound to improve.”

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