Emmerdale's Tom's abusive behaviour 'rumbled' by villager as fans convinced he will be exposed

Emmerdale viewers are on the edge of their seats as they suspect Charity Dingle will come to Belle Dingle's rescue from her menacing husband, Tom King, following a series of alarming developments.

In the episode on Thursday, 27 June, fans witnessed the extent of Tom's horrific abuse escalate after he returned home from hospital, where he was treated for a near-fatal accident.

The harrowing event unfolded at Butler's farm barn, where an enraged Tom lashed out upon learning that Belle had covertly terminated their pregnancy. In his anger, he struck a rotating isolator with a pipe, leading to a severe electric shock and his urgent admission to the hospital in a critical condition.

Tom King in Emmerdale
Tom was treated in hospital after a 'near fatal' accident -Credit:ITV

Despite being pronounced dead for a minute by the medical team, Tom astonishingly pulled through after receiving urgent care, and he swiftly checked himself out of the hospital.

Back at home, Tom carried on with his abusive behaviour towards Belle. Concerned for Belle's wellbeing, Charity made a visit and was puzzled to find Tom already back home.

At the same time, Belle's packed bags, signalling her desire to flee, lingered ominously by the door.

Belle in Emmerdale
Fans suspect Charity will 'save' Belle -Credit:(Image: ITV)

Worried, Charity remarks: "I was worried for a moment there Tom", sparking a comeback from Tom: "Not as worried as Belle, she thought she was going to have to arrange my funeral."

Tom managed to convince Charity to drop her suspicions, but fans think she's onto him. When she probed him about the wreckage left in the barn's wake, he evaded her with: "We just want to be alone." He then changed the subject by revealing Belle's miscarriage.

A visibly shaken Charity reaches out to comfort Belle, but the peculiar dynamics between Tom and Belle don't escape Charity, particularly when Tom demands she leave their home, sparking speculation from Charity about his true nature.

She later said to Noah: "Something is not adding up! No, he's [Tom] not decent… he's almost perfect and when someone or something appears perfect…"

Viewers are on edge, hoping Charity pieces together Tom's villainous actions and steps in to save Belle. Across social media, fans shared their theories and support for Charity's detective skills.

Charity in Emmerdale
Emmerdale fans are hoping Charity pieces together Tom's villainous actions -Credit:(Image: ITV)

One viewer said: "#Emmerdale Charity has lived the life Belle is going through so I think she'll notice something is wrong long before anyone else."

Someone else declared: "Also Charity in tonight's in 100% onto Tom! ! ! And I am here for it! ! ! #Emmerdale", while another fan chimed in" "Charity is ON THE MONEY with Tom, i need her to deck him RN #emmerdale."

More pleas from fans included: "Come on Charity suss Tom the vile out and quick" and: "CHARITY CONNECTING THE DOTS OMG #Emmerdale."

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