Emmerdale fans 'work out' how Belle will be saved from evil husband Tom revenge plan

Belle Emmerdale
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Emmerdale enthusiasts believe they've figured out how Charity Dingle will rescue her relative Belle Dingle from her abusive spouse Tom King.

The popular ITV drama is currently exploring a storyline of coercive control involving Tom and Belle Dingle. Viewers have recently witnessed Tom isolating and manipulating his partner Belle in some intense scenes.

Just recently, Belle was faced with a tough decision after finding out she was expecting. Last week, the character secretly terminated her pregnancy, deciding she couldn't proceed with it after Tom pressured her to start a family.

Earlier this week, Belle confessed to her mental health care coordinator, Rachel, that she had told Tom she miscarried instead of having an abortion. During their conversation, Belle realised she was in an abusive relationship and made plans to visit Debbie Dingle in Scotland so she could escape from Tom.

Tom King
Emmerdale fans are hoping Belle gets 'saved' from Tom -Credit:ITV

Meanwhile, Tom was busy working at the farm where Noah Dingle unintentionally revealed that Belle was in town for an appointment rather than walking Piper. This left the menacing vet seething over his wife's deceit.

After investigating Belle's whereabouts, Tom discovered Belle had visited the abortion clinic and he struggled to control his anger, which led to a violent barn accident.

Fuelled by fury, he swung an iron bar into the air aiming for another blow and accidentally struck the barn's rotary isolator, resulting in his electrocution and leaving him seemingly lifeless until Paddy Kirk stepped in to save him.

Meanwhile, Belle seemed to be planning her exit from the village, aiming to take Piper to Scotland.

The drama intensified when Rhona Goskirk rocked up, delivering the shock news about Tom's electrocution. At the hospital, a confused Tom awakened with no memories of the incident, ominously whispering to Belle: "I'm never leaving you! " Efforts to escape to Scotland were thwarted again when Jimmy King appeared at the door with Tom, surprisingly discharged from the hospital.

Continuing the twisty tale, a confrontation ensued as Charity Dingle cornered Tom, noticing the destruction in the barn and voicing her suspicion. Defensively, Tom responded: "Are you actually asking if I did this to myself? " The plot took another turn when Charity voiced concern for her son Noah, the electrician apprentice responsible for the electrics in the barn, not wanting him implicated in the incident.

Things escalated when Tom lost his cool and revealed Belle's miscarriage, leading Charity to share her own painful experience with an ectopic pregnancy last year. Their bond over shared grief was short-lived as Belle became overwhelmed with emotion.

In a slip of the tongue, Charity accidentally let it slip that Belle intended to visit Debbie in Scotland, sending Tom into a rage.

The Woolpack buzzed with tension as Charity expressed her doubts about Tom to Noah, remarking ominously: "Something is not adding up! " Her distrust grew as she observed Tom's behaviour, suspecting that his need for a wheelchair wasn't genuine but rather a desire for constant attention. "No, he's [Tom] not decent... he's almost perfect and when someone or something appears perfect..." she cautioned Chas and Lydia Dingle during Friday's episode.

It seems Charity's instincts were right all along Tom was seen walking smoothly around the house when no one was watching, only to feign a fall from his wheelchair later, seeking to tighten his grip on worried Belle.

The episode concluded with Charity voicing her concerns to Chas and Lydia Dingle: "What if she's got tangled up in something she can't get out of, let's face it, he's pretty intense. He was stalking you [Chas] at one point, remember? All I am saying is something is not right here, it's not adding up, and if Belle needs our help, we're stepping in, right? " unifying them in their resolve.

Emmerdale enthusiasts raced to Twitter to speculate on the unfolding drama, as one viewer exclaimed: "A 'the three' where chas, lydia and charity collectively kill tom #Emmerdale? "

Another pondered: "Do you think that charity, Chas and Lydia are catching on and going to investigate and find out about toms abuse? ? #emmerdale".

Another tweet celebrated the empowerment stating: "Charity, Chastity and Lydia - the Three Musketeers all set to rescue Belle! #Emmerdale", and another fan cheered: "DINGLE WOMEN TO THE RESCUE #emmerdale."