Emmerdale fans fume as they spot huge 'plot hole' in Tom King's coercive control story

Emmerdale fans have spotted a major plot hole in the coercive control storyline involving Belle and Tom King. The village vet has been tormenting his wife Belle Dingle for months with both mental and physical abuse, including gaslighting her and even physically assaulting her.

However, during the episode shown on Thursday 23 May, he managed to manipulate the situation by making jabs at Belle's late mother Lisa Dingle, leading Belle to lash out physically. Unfortunately for Belle, several villagers witnessed the altercation and rushed to Tom's defence, leaving viewers frustrated as they pointed out a forgotten detail in the storyline.

Belle Dingle and husband Tom King in Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Fans of the Yorkshire-based soap remembered that before this twist, Tom King (played by James Chase) had incorrectly diagnosed a dog with cancer and was ready to euthanise it without consulting his colleagues Paddy Kirk and Vanessa Woodfield, reports the Mirror.

Vanessa, played by Michelle Hardwick, confronted Tom about his mistake and they had a heated argument in the surgery. However, when she saw him in the streets after being pushed by Belle, Vanessa seemed to have completely forgotten their previous disagreement and viewers were left fuming as she rushed to his side along with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry).

"If Rhona and Vanessa don't realise Tom is probably to blame, for Belle pushing him after the way he behaved to them, in the cafe, just hours earlier then how are they not declared brain dead," one wrote on Twitter. Another added: "Christ why are they all believing Tom," while a third chimed in: "did you just forget that time, Tom was about to put down a dog, that didn't need to be put down."


However, some soap fans have had enough, calling for the storyline to be wrapped up. "Writers we need the Tom storyline wrapped up ASAP," one pleaded. Another agreed: "This Tom and Belle story is just awful to watch, now he's the victim."

One fan couldn't hide their disdain: "I can't wait until Tom and his really bad hair have been outed as the nasty, manipulative horrible human that he's turned out to be." Meanwhile, another viewer suggested: "they should bring back medieval torture for Tom."

Emmerdale bosses have remained tight-lipped about Tom's potential downfall, leading viewers to speculate that he could be exposed by some of Belle's closest family members. Her half-brother Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) was notably suspicious of a robbery at Dale Head which, unknown to anyone in the village, had been orchestrated by Tom himself.

Emmerdale's Belle Dingle, played by Eden Taylor Draper, could potentially find allies in Vinny and Mandy Dingle (portrayed by Bradley Johnson and Lisa Riley respectively) as she navigates her coercive control ordeal with Tom, who has been progressively isolating and controlling her.