Emmerdale fans convinced of double exit as they 'work out' who will take down Tom and Ethan

Emmerdale fans speculated a double soap exit following Friday night's scenes between Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor-Draper) and her husband Tom King (James Chase). Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) also had a tense conversation with Ethan Anderson (Emile John) about his boyfriend Nick Milligan (Lewis Cope), leaving fans wondering if he'll survive.

The Dingle clan might be onto Tom King's evil and controlling ways as Mandy (Lisa Riley), Lydia (Karen Blick), and Cain (Jeff Horley) began to get suspicious. Cain spotted an odd interaction between Tom and Belle at the start of the episode, but has he figured out what the vet is up to?

He was later quizzed by Mandy and Lydia in the cafe about Belle's strange behaviour.

"You haven't heard anything from Belle, have you? " Lydia enquired. "Me and Sam, we took a stew around last night and when we knocked on the back door there was no answer only I could have sworn there was somebody in", reports the Express.

"They will be upstairs as they are trying," Mandy suggested before Lydia continued: "I sent her a message today and only she hasn't responded but I have seen she has read it."

As Cain walked in, Mandy asked: "Is everything alright with our Belle? ".

"Seemed alright a minute ago, she just got back with the dog, why what is up? " he responded as Lydia chimed in: "She just hasn't seemed herself."

"If it makes you feel better, I will check up on her," Cain promised. He later invited Belle and Tom round for dinner the next day, saying he "hadn't seen them in a while."

Meanwhile, Suni threw a warning towards Ethan following the car incident with Nicky, saying: "You better pray that he makes it or you are done for."


It's not just Suni gunning for Ethan as Caleb Milligan, who also happens to be Cain's brother, is out for revenge.

This has left fans questioning if two deadly encounters could take place if Cain discovers Tom's evil ways, while Caleb might seek justice if Nicky passes away.

One viewer took to Twitter pleading: "OH I NEED TOM DEAD FOR THAT #Emmerdale".

Another chimed in adding: "EMMERDALE...Tom needs to be EXPOSED ASAP.. can't wait for the episode of Cain and The Dingle clan f***ing him up."

"It's officially time to murk Tom now. We need Dingle justice! #Emmerdale," echoed one fan, whilst another said: "Me waiting for Cain to find out about Tom."

"I need all of the Dingles to roll up like this at Toms doorstep. PLEASE. #Emmerdale," exclaimed another watcher.