Diane Kruger appeals for privacy after pictures of her newborn are published

Diane Kruger has appealed for privacy after paparazzi picture of her newborn were published [Photo: Getty]
Diane Kruger has appealed for privacy after paparazzi picture of her newborn were published [Photo: Getty]

Diane Kruger has appealed for privacy after paparazzi photos of her newborn baby were published earlier this week.

The actress, who welcomed her first child in November, took to Instagram to share the published image with her daughter’s face blurred out alongside an appeal for privacy.

“Dear fans, dear non fans, dear paparazzi and anyone with a conscience. We were just tagged in these paparazzi pictures of me and our daughter. These pictures were taken without our consent and expose a vulnerable and innocent baby,” she wrote.

“While we understand that some people would like to see a picture of our daughter, we as parents, want nothing more than allow her to grow up in privacy and safety. Me and @bigbaldhead would kindly ask you not to repost these pictures and help us achieve that goal.

The ‘Inglorious Bastards’ star concluded her post by appealing to the publications which shared the images to take them down and fans not to re-share.

“Whoever has already posted them, please take them down. Please put yourself in our shoes. We are just like any parent wanting the very best for our child. Thank you for your support.”

Since sharing the appeal many parents offered messages of support to the new mum for her privacy stance.

“I’m so sorry that you both are having to deal with this crap,” one user wrote. “You have every right to raise your baby in privacy and away from the cameras and ‘everyone’ should respect that. I’m sorry that you have to deal with such an invasion of privacy.”

“This makes me so sad,” agreed another. “Why do people think celebrities are public property? If and when you or your family chose to share any photos or chose to attend events where you may be photographed then that’s entirely up to you but privacy should be respected at all other times and permission gained respectfully.”

“The only ones that have the right to decide if they show pictures of their child to the public are the parents,” another user wrote. “I can’t believe that some people still say ‘that’s the price.’ The price for what? This baby is a human being with own rights!”

Many celebrities report being hounded by the paparazzi as one of the downsides of fame. But while they also may accept it as coming with the territory of a job that puts them in the public eye, some will draw the line at their children receiving the same treatment.

And some celebrities have gone to certain lengths to protect the privacy of their offspring.

We rarely see photos of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and their kids in public or on social media, and that’s largely their choice. The actors intentionally choose to keep their children out of the media glare, because they haven’t agreed to be public figures like their parents.

“I have conversations with people about this,” Kutcher told Arianna Huffington during an episode of the Thrive Global Podcast with iHeart Radio. “I actually think that that should be a choice…. We actually feel that being public is a personal choice.”

“My wife and I have chosen a career where we’re in the public light,” he continued. “But my kids have not, so I think they should have the right to choose that…. I don’t think they should have images of them that are out there as children that somebody could potentially blackmail or do whatever. It’s their private life. It’s not mine to give away.”

Holly Willoughby and husband Dan Baldwin have made a similar decision, as has Holly’s best friend Fearne Cotton who also keeps her little ones out of the social media spotlight and purely shares images where their faces can’t be seen.

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