Should Parents Share Naked Pictures Of Their Children On Social Media?


A mum has sparked an online debate about whether parents should share naked pictures of their children to social media [Photo: Rex Features]

A quick scroll of most parents’ social media feeds will likely reveal countless snaps of their little ones. Another day, another parenting milestone. First day of school, first tooth fallen out, first trip to Peppa Pig World. But where do you draw the line on the type of pictures you share? In a bathing suit? In the bath? In the buff?

The rights and wrongs of sharing snapshots of children in the bath or running around in the nude is currently being debated on a parenting forum after one mum penned a post saying she thought it was wrong.

Netmums user Charlotte A(402) took to the parenting site to tell of her horror after seeing numerous photos and videos of children on Instagram either running about without clothes or in the bath.

“This really bothers me and I don’t know why! I’ve had to unfollow a few people,” she wrote.

“But I don’t understand why you’d put a nakey video of your kids on the Internet for everyone to see? I mean really who knows who is looking at that and I just feel bad for the kid.”


Parents have been debating the rights and wrongs of sharing bath time pictures to social media [Photo: Rex Features]

She went on to say that mums and dads should remember that these photos could remain visible on the web in the future.

“As an adult I’d be horrified if I knew as a kid my mum uploaded a naked video of me and it was still on the Internet, is nothing private anymore? I don’t upload photos of my sons face though (used to) because again I think I wouldn’t want my baby photos online so why should I share his,” she continued.

“I really don’t get it.. Am I thinking to much into this?”

Some parents were quick to respond to Charlotte’s post agreeing with her stance on sharing naked pictures.

“I completely 100% agree with you,” one woman wrote. “It really annoys me and I have deleted people for the exact same thing in the past. I hate seeing it for exactly the same reasons to many paedos kicking about to be plastering naked/semi naked pics of your children all over the shop no matter how innocent you think it is.”

Another mum agreed that parents should be cautious, but thought it was a matter of personal choice about the type of pictures to share online.

“I have pictures of all my children online and some of them naked on the beach or in the bath, although the bath shots they tend to be sitting in bubbles or mountains of toys,” she wrote. “I think it depends on what your comfortable with? We are a very liberal family when it comes to nudity generally. To each their own and don’t judge others is the best approach I think.”

“Each to their own but in my opinion its just basic common sense this day and age not to have naked pics all over the internet of kids,” another mum added.


To share or not to share? [Photo: Rex Features]

But while some users agreed with the original poster’s point of view, others couldn’t see a problem with the sharing of naked pictures.

“Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, at the end of the day we are all born naked,” one mum wrote.

“I assume none of these images are remotely explicit or taken against the child’s will… I’m guessing they are just capturing a happy moment. The naked body is such a taboo these days, it really shouldn’t be.”

What do you think? Do you share pictures of your children naked to social media? Let us know @YahooStyleUK

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