You can treat your loved one to a chicken nugget bouquet this Valentine's Day

Well, you can't eat flowers. [Photo: Getty]
Well, you can't eat flowers. [Photo: Getty]

Flowers for Valentine’s Day? That’s so 2019.

They might be the go-to present, but this year people are going out with the traditional and in with the nuggets.

A growing number of people are giving their loved ones chicken nugget bouquets to show their true love this Valentine’s Day.

After all, flowers can be expensive, they only last a few days and you can’t - well - eat them.

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The rise in chicken nugget bouquets may have come after a bride walked down the aisle with one last year.

It makes sense, we get hungry waiting around for food at weddings. Bringing your own really does negate that issue.

Now, loved-up people from across the world are seeing sense and opting for a more savoury take on Valentine’s Day.

And hey, why stop at Valentine’s Day? If you’ve got a birthday round the corner or an anniversary coming up, these easy-to-make and pretty cost effective bouquets will certainly bring a bit of laughter to your home, if nothing else.

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You might be wondering how one would go about creating such a sought-after bouquet. There’s no chicken nugget florists available, yet.

Like any DIY gift, you can make it as fancy or as basic as you want. If you don’t want your chicken nuggets to get cold, then time is of the essence.

According to Delish, the best bouquets are made with about 24 chicken nuggets. That’s almost enough to share.

You simply spear the nuggets onto some bamboo skewers and wrap the outside with cellophane. This isn’t just for aesthetics reasons, but also because nobody wants greasy hands.

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You can complete the bouquet with a nice bow and even add chips to skewers for an extra bit of depth to your gift.

If your partner isn’t into chicken nuggets, never fear. This idea can be re-created with pretty much any food, except for soup.

Picked onions, mini burgers, pizza, chocolate eclairs, the list (which is perhaps the best list in the history of time) goes on.

In the age of Instagram, there is a pretty impressive array of Insta-worthy bouquets popping up for us to get some inspiration from.

Stuffed Ice Cream in Manhattan's East Village created a bouquet made of ice cream. While other companies are cashing in our our need for alternative bouquets by offering ones made out of foods like beef.

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