Bride walks down the aisle in giant inflatable balloon

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She's in her own little bubble. [Photo: Victor Samuel/Caters News]
She's in her own little bubble. [Photo: Victor Samuel/Caters News]

When it comes to weird and wonderful weddings, we thought we’d seen it all.

A four foot tall Disney cake? Check. Underwater wedding photoshoot? Check.

Not to be outdone, one event planner decided to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary to husband Joseph Efoma-Oruerio in style. Reverence arrived at the event in a giant inflatable bubble.

That’s one way to stop people from stepping on your dress.

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She got the inflatable balloon (that’s right, it’s the same thing you’d use for zorbing) shipped in from Dubai, paying £385 for her perfect entrance.

Let’s give credit where it’s due. It’s no easy feat to go zorbing in a wedding dress complete with an old Hollywood style feather hairpiece.

Reverence, 35 and husband, Joseph, 51, invited their friends and family to join them in an altogether extra event in Warri, Nigeria.

When Reverence arrived in a bubble, their guests couldn’t help but whip their phones out to document this remarkable entrance.

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Many people get wedding inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram, Reverence got hers by watching her children playing with a balloon in the pool.

“I started thinking of how a bride could make an entrance into her wedding in a balloon.” She admitted.

After an internet search, she found the perfect balloon from Dubai. “It was the first time the guests saw a bride in a balloon, they screamed so much with excitement. It was the highlight of the event.”

The rest of the room, which looked like something from a classic Hollywood film, followed the extravagant theme.

Pearls cascaded from elevated floral arrangements, the women were all dressed in white and there was even a white carpet replacing a typically red VIP entrance.

It looks like we’ve all found our wedding planner. Reverence, when are you available?

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