McDonald's offers wedding package complete with tiered apple pie cake

Bangkok, Thailand - December 28, 2016: McDonald's exterior. The world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.
Would you have your wedding at McDonald's? [Photo: Getty]

McDonald’s offers its own wedding package, allowing betrothed couples to say “I do” for just a few hundred pounds.

Several Hong Kong branches of the burger franchise offer the novel spin on traditional nuptials.

Four different packages are offered, ranging in cost from the equivalent of £312 to £1,043. At the lowest end of the spectrum is the Happiness Party, where you can enjoy a two-hour venue rental along with basic audio equipment and the services of a master of ceremonies.

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At the plushest end of the spectrum is the Love Forever package which includes two-hour venue rental, McDonald's balloon wedding rings and a bouquet of balloons.

The top-tier package also includes a tiered apple pie wedding cake, a homage to the iconic McDonald’s dessert. Hosts are also provided with a set of 50 invitations to give out to guests, McDonald’s character guest favours and customised games.

All packages come with venue decorations which include a romantic roses balloon arch, a heart-shaped balloon set and a “love” balloon table runner.

The McDonald’s wedding package was brought to attention by YouTuber Safiya Nygaard, who enjoyed the offering with her fiancé Tyler and broadcast it in a YouTube video.

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While she was clear in the caption that this was not her “real wedding”, she clarified that many people in Hong Kong did actually choose to host their wedding at the location.

Sadly, it would seem the package is not offered at McDonald’s in the UK, and will not be coming anytime soon.

“This is not something that is happening in the UK,” a representative told Yahoo UK.

However, for those who fancy their nuptials with a side of French fries, there’s always the option to fly you and your loved ones to Hong Kong.