From cheese and crackers to Quality Street, people share their Boxing Day breakfasts

Cheese boards proved a popular choice for Boxing Day breakfast. [Photo: Getty]
Cheese boards proved a popular choice for Boxing Day breakfast. [Photo: Getty]

While Christmas Day comes with its fair share of traditions – from turkey dinners to presents beneath the tree – Boxing Day has noticeably less guidelines.

It seems the only rule is there are no rules – a philosophy Twitter users well and truly preached when sharing their less-than-ordinary breakfasts yesterday.

Faced with a house full of leftovers, and in many cases a hangover, post-Christmas revellers promptly shunned their usual breakfasts, switching to chocolate, cheese boards and some particularly creative concoctions.

Some resourceful folks were keen to use up the last of their leftovers, regardless of the time of day.

After all, when is the next time we will be able to treat ourselves to a full Christmas dinner – or breakfast – like this?

While some clever chefs got particularly creative with their leftovers from Christmas Day.

Others went rogue and enjoyed a plate of cheese-y goodness.

Others gave in to their sweet-toothed dreams and had chocolate for breakfast.

While some treated their hangovers to a much-needed fry-up.

Plus, one person chose to commit to full on “hair of the dog” – because it’s only 26 December once a year, right?

Even the royal family veer from tradition at this time of year – enjoying a kedgeree breakfast for their celebrations yesterday.

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