boxing day

  • You can pay people to wait in Boxing Day sales queues

    Sit at home on Boxing Day while your professional queuer does all the work.

  • How to master the Boxing Day sales

    A lot of people love a good bargain which explains why the Boxing Day sales are the most manic shopping periods of the year. This should be clearly displayed at till points but if it’s not, ask an employee or check the terms and conditions online.

  • Will shops be open on Boxing Day?

    Two petitions to ban shops from opening on Boxing Day have reached more than 300,000 signatures between them. The more popular one was posted on, so the fact that more than 200,000 people have signed it means it will be delivered to

  • We can't stop shopping even on Christmas Day

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Manic Monday, and the hell of last-minute Christmas shopping. You'd have thought that by the time we get to the 25th we'd have had enough of shopping, but a new study has revealed that 16% of people will shop

  • Do trains run on Boxing Day?

    At Christmas you might want to zip all over the country seeing friends and family, but if you want to travel on Christmas Day or Boxing Day then in the vast majority of cases, you're going to have to get in the car, because almost no

  • What is the meaning of Boxing Day?

    Boxing Day has taken on all sort of meanings for most of us: shopping in the sales, eating leftovers, watching the football and bickering with close relatives being top of most people's lists. But what is the real meaning of Boxing Day? As

  • Boxing Day sales: the best deals in 2014

    The Boxing Day sales last year hit historic highs. Shoppers queued in the dark and spent an incredible £2.7 billion online and in stores on 26 December - the highest ever figure for Boxing Day. This year, millions of people will be poised to bag

  • Why you should spend no more than 23 minutes at the sales

    If you spent a hellish few hours with the world and his wife trawling through the packed Boxing Day sales, then we've got some bad news. Researchers have claimed that after just 23 minutes in the throng, you lose your ability to spot a good

  • Warmest Boxing Day for 28 years! But chill to set in next week

    The Tenby Boxing Day Swim. Photo: Rex Britain just enjoyed its warmest Boxing Day for 28 years, and the third warmest Christmas on record. People across the country made the most of the balmy weather by heading out for Boxing Day swims. The