Cadbury Caramilk cream cheese is now a thing

You can now buy Caramilk flavoured cream cheese. [Photo: Cadburys]
You can now buy Caramilk flavoured cream cheese. [Photo: Cadburys]

Cadbury has released Caramilk flavoured Philadelphia cream cheese.

Caramilk is a caramel-filled chocolate bar first sold by Cadbury in the United States in 1968, and later sold in Australia and New Zealand.

It was recently re-released for a limited time in Australian supermarket chain Woolworths.

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Then, Australian Caramilk fans were further delighted with the discovery Woolworths were also stocking the limited edition Philadelphia cream cheese with Caramilk.

People are sharing images of the treat on social media, with one user calling it “the perfect balance of sweetness and cream cheese with slight caramel undertones”.

The confectionary has something of a cult following, with bars selling for many times its original value on eBay.

Similar bars have been produced elsewhere in the world, such as the Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and the Cadbury Caramello in Australia and New Zealand.

The bad news? There are currently no plans to launch the Caramilk cream cheese in the UK.

“Following on from Australia's obsession with Cadbury Caramilk, we're proud to offer Philadelphia's special edition Caramilk inspired cream cheese,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

“Exclusive to Woolworths, you'll find it in our fridges now for a limited time only.”

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However, those looking to enjoy chocolate-y Philadelphia might be excited by the ASDA’s Philadelphia Milka Soft Cheese (available in Asda stores and online for £1.80 a tub).

The sweet spread was launched in April this year, and was continued as a regular store item past the Easter season.

Cadbury UK have also released the limited edition chocolate orange Twirl, which is sure to delight lovers of cult favourite Terry’s Chocolate Orange.