These Lindor white chocolate truffles are the most delicious way to start the Christmas countdown

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Look no further for the most delicious way to enjoy the run-up to Christmas [Photo: Tesco]

With just 86 days to go until Christmas (yes, we’ve started counting), we’re now on the lookout for the most magical ways to celebrate the run-up to the festive season.

So you can imagine how smug we felt after discovering that Lindt has just released a new white chocolate take on its now-famous Lindor truffles.

Packaged in a snow flake emblazoned box (how festive), the chocolates are wrapped in the moreish Lindt chocolate shell that we all adore so much with a melted white chocolate truffle centre hidden in the centre.

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The limited edition chocolates have landed just in time for Christmas and are designed for “sharing, entertaining and gift giving”.

Now, we’re not quite down with the whole sharing thing but it’s good to know that they’ll make the perfect last-minute present come Christmas Eve.

Lindt Lindor milk and white chocolate truffles, £4 [Photo: Tesco]

If you can’t wait until December to crack on with the long-awaited annual binge then a 200g box is now available to shop at Tesco for a purse-friendly £4.

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After all, you’ll need to give them a test run before dishing them out to friends and family, right?

But there’s competition on the horizon, as Maltesers has also launched a white chocolate version of its truffles which are also available to shop from Tesco for £4.99.

Bring on the festive season.

Shop the truffles here

Lindt Lindor Milk & White Chocolate Box | £4 | Shop here

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