Bride enlists her four grandmothers to be flower girls at her wedding

[Photo: Natalie Caho Photography]
[Photo: Natalie Caho Photography]

When it comes to choosing flower girls for a wedding thoughts typically turn to the younger members of the family, but one bride decided to do things a little differently for her big day and looked instead to her more senior relatives.

Lyndsey Raby was so close to her four grandmothers, she wanted them to play a starring role in her special day and decided to enlist their help to act as flower girls for her wedding to Tanner in September.

As soon as her now-husband asked her to marry him, Lyndsey knew she wanted her grandmothers to have an important role within the bridal party.

“I felt so blessed to have them all here so I wanted them to be involved too,” she told HuffPost. “I do believe they were more excited than the bridesmaids.”

The happy couple got married at Ocoee Crest in Benton, Tennessee, and Lindsey looked stunning as she walked down the aisle in a fairytale tulle gown.

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But before she made her appearance, her four ‘flower girls’ got to work sprinkling white petals ahead of her entrance.

Dressed in beautiful matching lacy blue dresses with coordinating jackets, and holding a special petal bag with the words ‘here comes the bride’ on the front, Lyndsey’s flower girl squad was made up of her 90-year-old great grandmother, Kathleen Brown; the groom’s 70-year-old grandmother, Joyce Raby; Lyndsey’s 76-year-old grandmother, Wanda Grant; and her 72-year-old grandmother, Betty Brown.

The 'flower girls' sprinkled petals as they walked down the aisle [Photo: Natalie Caho Photography]
The 'flower girls' sprinkled petals as they walked down the aisle [Photo: Natalie Caho Photography]

Photographer Natalie Caho shared one of the images on her Instagram with the caption: “I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day, but these four gals take the cake.”

Unsurprisingly the sweet snap was flooded with comments from people who loved the idea of getting older relatives in their special days.

“What a blessing this day may have been,” one user wrote. “You made a great choice by having your grandmothers as flower girls!”

“How wonderful is this gesture, it brought me to tears,” agreed another.

“What a beautiful special moment this is for the bride and groom and their grandmothers,” a third commented.

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Photographer Natalie now hopes the photos of the big day could inspire other soon-to-be-weds to think outside the traditional box when it comes to assigning roles for the bridal party.

“If you’re on the fence about having something outside the ordinary at your wedding just do it!” she advised. “Especially if it means something as sweet as this did to you and your family.”

[Photo: Natalie Caho Photography]
[Photo: Natalie Caho Photography]

It isn’t the first time a bride has chosen for her grandmother to play a major role in the wedding party.

When Josh and Maggie Wakefield got married they also opted to overlook the youngest family members to take on the role of flower girls and asked their grandmas instead.

And back in 2015, at the age of 89, Elizabeth Govern, or Nana Betty as her family call her, was asked by her granddaughter Christine to be one of her four bridesmaids and she completely stole the show.