Bridesmaid 'asked to cover up tattoos' by bride

Legs of tattooed woman standing at garden fence
A bridesmaid is unimpressed after being asked to cover up her tattoos. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has sought advice after she was asked to cover up her tattoos with make-up while performing the role of bridesmaid for a close friend.

She shared the request on Reddit, which she considers “invasive”.

Also in the post, she explains the friend has justified the request as “for uniformity sake” and “because her mom [sic] doesn’t like them”.

But she isn’t too happy about honouring it.

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“Something about this just seems invasive,” she wrote in the post. “Like I understand that it's her wedding day and that uniformity is important, but at the same time we're all different people with different bodies.”

The woman’s complaints have fallen on sympathetic ears among fellow Reddit users.

“I think it is not very considerate of her to ask you to cover them,” was one comment. “For one she is asking you to cover up something that it part of what makes you who you are and for two covering a lot of tattoos or large tattoos can get quite expensive.”

Another person urged her to drop out of the wedding entirely.

“i think she should accept you - artwork and all - in her wedding/photos, or be gracious and understanding if you decline to be in her wedding and choose to attend as a guest instead,” was one comment.

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However, it would seem the user was ultimately able to reach a compromise.

“We came to an agreement/ compromise [sic] and I only have to cover the tattoos for the wedding photos/ceremony and I can wash the make up off at the reception,” she wrote.

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