Bride threatens to kick sister out of wedding party after she donates hair to charity

A bride feels aggrieved by her sister's charity haircut. [Photo: Getty]
A bride feels aggrieved by her sister's charity haircut. [Photo: Getty]

The run up to a wedding can be stressful, causing people to act out of character.

But one woman has taken to Reddit for advice after her sister, a bride-to-be, threatened to kick her out of her bridal party over a haircut.

Taking to the platform’s popular ‘Bridezillas’ thread, the shocked woman, who was due to be a bridesmaid for her sister, told of the consequences after she cut her long hair to a shoulder length style ahead of her sister’s wedding.

She explained she had already warned her sister about the haircut, which she was doing partly for charity reasons, but it caused mayhem after it happened.

“I told her I was cutting my hair and donating my hair previously, and she responded positively.

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“I sent a picture of my new hair in a group chat to my family and my sister immediately said: ‘Oh my god, why would you do this right before my wedding?’

Her sister went on to request she get extensions – “or I was out of her wedding”.

What’s more, the woman explains she is already wearing a dress which clashing with her hair – “I’m a pale ass redhead and her dresses are neon orange so I already look like shit. Not that that matters. I’m just irritated.”

However, the haircut argument is the final straw for this poster.

She wrote: “I told her I wouldn’t be paying to get extensions and to just leave me out of the wedding if she’s going to be that angry over my haircut.”

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Reddit users have commented in support of the would-be bridesmaid.

One wrote: “Hard agree! Don’t let her pettiness get you down. Any bride who chooses neon orange for her bridesmaids to wear (seriously who can even pull off that color?) [sic] doesn’t get an opinion on hair length.”

Another user added: “She’s entitled, you’re fine, nobody gets to control your body which includes your hair. Please remind her you have body autonomy.”

However, another person urged the bridesmaid to be more sympathetic to her sister, who may have “had an idea of how she wanted her bridesmaids’ hair styled”.

However, the original poster later adds, for context, that “one bridesmaid has a pixie cut, another has the side of her head shaved, one has a [...] mullet”.

Someone else reassured the woman, claiming the debate would “blow over”.

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“Honestly I’ve been a bridesmaid three times and every time in the lead up to the wedding the bride has cracked up about something they don’t give a shit about a week, day, hour later. I wouldn’t be surprised if this blows over,” they wrote.

This isn’t the first example of a bride trying to assert control over what her bridesmaids look like.

Recently, one bride asked her maid of honour to put off her boob job so she doesn't upstage her wedding.

Another bride considered changing bridesmaids’ eye colours to match dresses.