Bride's photoshoot with beloved dog goes viral

She decided to spend some time with her dog before the ceremony. [Photo: Getty]
She decided to spend some time with her dog before the ceremony. [Photo: Getty]

As anybody who has ever been around on the morning of a wedding will agree, it’s a time of high emotions and nervous energy.

It’s a feeling that Kristen Dupree knew all too well on the morning of her wedding, when she started feeling a bit jittery before the ceremony.

To calm her down, she asked one of her bridesmaids to get her two-year-old black Labrador, Zeke, from where he was hanging out with the groom and groomsmen in the morning.

What transpired was a heart-warming set of “first look” photographs of Kristen with her beloved dog.

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Photographer, Perri Farlow, decided to do a “first look” shoot, which is a set of photographs capturing the raw emotions on (usually) the bridesmaids and immediate family’s faces when they see the bride for the first time.

Zeke was pictured wearing foliage around his neck while the beautiful bride posed alongside him.

The photos gained international attention after thousands of people shared the images on Facebook.

It’s no secret that we’re a nation of dog lovers. There’s a reason Missguided is selling matching jumpers for us and our doggos. So, we weren’t overly surprised by the reaction to these wholesome snaps.

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“I love when couples incorporate their pets into portrait sessions and weddings,” the photographer told Bored Panda. “Pets bring out such honest, authentic emotion from their owners, making it so easy to capture the genuine joy they feel when they’re with their beloved pets.”

“Kristen and Duncan brought Zeke to their engagement session as well. He loved playing around but when it was time to pose for photos, he was obedient and did a perfect job. He really is the best boy.”

Perri went on to explain that dogs are a real calming influence over people on their wedding days, which are typically a time of high emotions.

This aligns with recent research which uncovered that stroking a dog or cat can reduce your stress levels.

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Kristen’s not the first person to see the benefit in having her dog around on her wedding day. Earlier this year, Samantha Kelly from County Louth in Ireland walked down the aisle with her eight rescue dogs in tow.

Although all of the dogs looked utterly delighted with being there, it was her 12-year-old Jack Russell called Pal who really stole the spotlight, as the disabled pup took to the aisle on wheels dressed in a dapper tux.

After the wedding, the pair welcomed a further five dogs into their home.

The post on Perri’s Facebook page was full of comments from people who had similar experiences.

One post read: “Our chocolate Lab, Maizee, was at our wedding in 2015. Shortly before the wedding she had an illness that put her in the hospital for over a week and we almost lost her. She survived and with the shaved side and all, she walked down the aisle before I did.”

No, you’re crying.

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