• Dog reunited with family 13 years after going missing

    A dog has been reunited with his owners - 13 years after it went missing. Remi the Yorkshire Terrier cross disappeared when it was a puppy and the owners thought it had gone forever. However, after Remi was picked up by Fort Worth Animal Control

  • Dog rescued after getting head stuck in concrete

    A clumsy dog was rescued after getting her head stuck in the wall of a Buddhist temple in Chonburi, eastern Thailand. The resident monks found the poor dog yelping on Tuesday evening and believe the stray mother dog had been looking for food to

  • Puppy totally loses it after being allowed to play on bed

    There's nothing a dog likes doing more than the things it's not normally allowed to do. So when this pup is given the chance to play on his owner's bed, his joy knows no bounds. See how he reacts in the video

  • Dog locks owner out of car and rides in reverse circles for an hour

    A dog who got locked inside his owner's car stuck it in reverse and rode in circles for an hour. Police in Port St Lucie, Florida, said the owner stepped out of the car after making a wrong turn on to Edith Court. Max, a black labrador, then

  • Puppy who had front paws chopped off in Romania is enjoying new life in UK

    A Shar Pei puppy who had her front paws CHOPPED OFF by cruel thugs in Romania is enjoying a new life in Britain. Tally, thought to be have been around eight months old when she was subjected to the horrific act of cruelty, was found chained to a

  • Puppy that lost all her fur due to mange now looks unrecognisable

    A puppy that lost all her fur due to mange looks unrecognisable after she was nursed back to health - and now looks like a model. Vet assistant Jessie DeFreitas fell in love with scrappy little mongrel Terra, despite the poor pup suffering from

  • Dog spends four years at roadside spot waiting for owner

    A loyal dog has waited at the same spot by the roadside for four years for its owner to return. The sad pooch was seen by passing motorcycle rider Anuchit Uncharoen on a highway in Roi-Et, northeastern Thailand in September. Anuchit rode by the

  • Mum in hysterics filming her baby boy driving their puppy crazy by playing with his new dog toy

    A young mum captured the entertaining moment a cockapoo got jealous of his best friend's new toy. Abigail Johnson, from Portsmouth, had bought her son Charlie, a new toy of a miniature barking dog - and it had some competition for the little

  • Harry and Meghan won't reveal the name of their dog because it's 'too private’

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are similar to other royals in wanting to keep details about their dog private, according to royal commentators.

  • Fearless cat takes on German Shepherd

    This is the hilarious moment a fearless cat took on a German Shepherd - and left the huge dog running in fear. Paul Evans, 47, was outside with moggy Bill when a neighbour's enormous pet dog came bounding towards them. But instead of

  • Dog tries to reach biscuit with tongue from under fence

    This determined dog isn't giving up on getting his treat, despite a wooden fence standing in his way. The local postie threw a biscuit towards Zane the dog, while he was on his round - but it didn't quite reach past his owner's

  • Heartbreaking moment dog tries to wake dead friend

    This is the heartbreaking moment a grieving dog tries to wake its best friend while it was being buried. The brown Aspin dog named Hoo-tang saw its 10-year-old pal covered in linen as it lay at the bottom of the grave in Samut Sakhon, central

  • Guilty dog caught in the act, gives priceless reaction

    This clip captures a persistent pooch trying to get into a cupboard. When called by its owner the animal can't bear to show its face. Watch the video to see the dog's funny

  • Confused dog sends TV crashing

    This is the moment a dog tries to attack a squirrel it spots on a TV programme. Having topped the television set the pooch, called Abby, retreats to the sofa, utterly confused by the chain of events that take place. Abby's owner probably

  • This pup got extra concerned about her owner's new face mask

    Indie the border collie was incredibly confused about her owner's face when she realised it was covered in weird grey foam. The clip filmed in Queenstown, New Zealand, shows the collie settling into her owner's lap when suddenly she

  • Dog found with mouth taped shut gets second 'Chance'

    A dog in Florida that was found with his snout taped shut has now been deputised by police. Lee County Sheriff's Office chronicled the dog's progress in several Facebook posts starting in late February after he was discovered by animal

  • Glenn Close takes dog on stage to accept award

    Glenn Close took her pooch to the Independent Spirit Awards – and the animal proved a big hit. The pup, named Pip, lapped up the attention after accompanying his owner as she receive'd the award for Best Female Lead for her role in

  • Puppy can't understand why dog statue won't play with him

    This dog statue is so real that a barking puppy wants to literally play with it. The pooch's owner can be heard chortling as the animal tries in vain to get the attention of the other

  • Dog climbs tree attempting to catch roadrunner and falls

    When Toby the dog sees a roadrunner sitting up in a tree, you can tell that his first thought is to catch it. Hilariously, he climbs halfway up the tree in pursuit of his prey before losing his footing and falling into a bush below. Watch what

  • Is this the loneliest dog in Britain?

    After over 500 days in a shelter, this pooch has been dubbed the loneliest in dog in Britain. Hector has been at the RSPCA's Little Valley Animal Shelter in Exeter, Devon since October of 2017 after being rescued. Jo Evans, the shelter