This is why we love dogs so much, according to an expert

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Why do we love dogs so much? (Picture: Getty)

They’re the most popular pet globally, beating cats, fish and birds to the top spot, and tie with their feline friends as the UK’s favourite pet.

But what is it about dogs that makes us love them so much?

The question is up for discussion on the latest episode of Yahoo UK’s podcast Britain is a Nation Of…, which focuses on animals.

Nat Ingham, canine behaviourist and training manager at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, says popularity of dogs as pets is down to a whole range of reasons.

Dog licking face of female interior designer working at home office desk
Dogs are the most popular pet globally (Pictrue: Getty)

Speaking on the podcast, she says “It depends on the human as to which dogs you become attached to and also your experiences with those animals.

“Dogs are incredible because they’re so versatile and we’v got so many different breeds of dogs, so many types.

“At Battersea we get all sorts that come in - young dogs, old dogs, designer breeds that have suddenly boomed, to your mongrels that you look at and go, ‘what’s inside this dog?’ and everyone’s trying to guess the breed that’s in the dog.

“You get all sorts of breeds and types that come in and we really get something that suits absolutely everybody.”

Listen to the full episode of Britain is a Nation of... below

From ordinary pets to dogs that go on to do jobs in the police and search and rescue, and those who go to old people’s homes to keep elderly people company, Nat says the range is what’s make them special.

“They’re just absolutely incredible. We have a group that go over to the Chelsea pensioners on a regular basis and just light up their world and I think that’s pretty special.

“I don’t want to take away from other animals - I think there’s benefits with all animals in different ways. I think dogs are definitely a popular choice for people and there are a lot of reasons for that.”

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