The most popular dog breeds of 2019

Labradors take the top spot. [Photo: Getty]
Labradors take the top spot. [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all got our favourite breeds when it comes to our furry best friends, but when it comes to the UK’s most popular breeds, the same faces pop up again and again.

The Labrador might have been knocked off the top spot by the French Bulldog in 2018, but it’s back at number one this year.

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This is all according to The Kennel Club’s information gathering research, which puts the French Bulldog and and Cocker Spaniel in second and third place.

The club only accounts for dogs that are registered to them, but it gives us a pretty solid idea of which doggos we’ve got gracing our sofas this Christmas.

Top 10 UK dog breeds:

  1. Retriever (labrador)

  2. French Bulldog

  3. Spaniel (cocker)

  4. Bulldog

  5. Spaniel (English springer)

  6. Retriever (Golden)

  7. Dachshund (Miniature smooth haired)

  8. Pug

  9. German shepherd dog

  10. Miniature schnauzer

 The French Bulldog has been knocked off the top spot by the Labrador. [Photo: Getty]
The French Bulldog has been knocked off the top spot by the Labrador. [Photo: Getty]

As well as showcasing the UK’s most popular breeds, the Kennel Club highlighted which breeds might be under threat of dying out.

The West Highland white terrier, boxer, staffie and border terrier used to be regulars on the top 10 list, but now they’re starting to decrease in popularity.

The previously popular Pointer breed has been added as a dog at risk of extinction with only 439 registrations in 2019.

Of course, not all dogs are registered to the Kennel Club and if you’ve got rescue a dog, the chances are they won’t be registered.

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Celebrities have a huge impact in popular dog breeds.

Last year, the Sussex spaniel was at the very top of the risk of extinction list.

This year, it has increased by 65% and the Kennel Club think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have something to do with it.

“We urge people to make sure they understand the breed and its characteristics before they make a decision to buy or rescue a dog, and to spend time researching the wide variety of breeds we are lucky to have in this country, to make sure they get the right one for them,” Bill Lambert, spokesperson for the Kennel Club urged people.

“The newly popular chow chow for example, due to its delightful profuse woolly coat, needs a lot of grooming, while the Shiba Inu – which translates to ‘small dog’ – has a big personality and is full of energy.”

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