Fashion blogger reveals genius hack for tucking chunky jumpers into skirts

Lauren Clark
A fashion blogger has revealed her simple trick for neatly tucking chunky knits into skirts [Image: Instagram]
A fashion blogger has revealed her simple trick for neatly tucking chunky knits into skirts [Image: Instagram]

There are few things more irritating than wanting to pair a chunky knit with your favourite winter skirt - only to end up with an annoyingly lumpy result around the waistband.

Fortunately, a fashion blogger - who goes by the name Jess With Less - has revealed the handy trick she uses to keep her look smooth.

This week she shared a video on Instagram to her 83k followers demonstrating how you can enlist a skinny belt to perform a clever faux-tuck.

To start, you need to put the belt on over your knit, and only then do you pull the jumper up until its almost - but not quite - all the way through.

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With the jumper hem held in place by the belt, you can then put on your skirt - and people will be none the wiser.

In the clip, Jess, while performing a step-by-step, tells the camera: “You have your basic, long hip-length sweater.

“You want to grab a belt - grab one that’s kind of similar in colour to the sweater.

“Then tie it. Somewhat tight but not too tight, because you want to have room to breathe.”

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The blogger adds: “Then you’re just just going to pull it out and up.

“Pretty much as close as you can get it, without having to pull it up too much, because obviously you don’t want to pull it through all the way.”

You can also use the trick when wearing a jumper over a dress to make it look like you’re actually wearing a skirt.

Earlier this week, she demonstrated how she had used the method to turn a gingham summer dress into a winter-appropriate skirt.

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“I dug this gingham summer dress out of storage and fully winterized it with extra thick tights + a cozy sweater using the belt trick to make it cropped + high boots to keep my legs warm,” the social media star captioned a snap of her outfit.

“Honestly pretty proud of this look!”

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