The one seat you shouldn't book when flying, according to experts

Rear view of a teenage girl walking on an airplane flight
An expert has revealed the best seat to book on a flight. (Getty Images)

Whether you’re a frequent flier, or you take yourself on a well-deserved holiday once a year, one of the most head-scratching parts of checking in to your flight is deciding what seat to pick.

These days, the only way to choose which seat you sit in is to pay for it – so you want it to be worth your hard-earned cash.

If your flight is leaning towards the longer-haul end, then choosing a seat with good loo access is imperative.

This is why some experts have claimed 11A to be the worst seat to pick on a flight, while 4C was hailed as the best.

"When choosing where to sit on a flight there are a few important factors to note. Think about how often you visit the toilet, if the answer is pretty frequently, take that into account when deciding which seat to book," Brenna Ryan at Victorian Plumbing says.

"The first thing to consider is which part of the plane to sit on, planes usually have a toilet both at the front and back, so look to sit there when possible and avoid the middle of the plane furthest from the toilets."

Ryan adds that you should also consider choosing an aisle seat over a window or a middle seat if you are a frequent loo-goer, as it means you won’t have to manoeuvre around the people sitting next to you in order to get out.

"One thing to note when choosing a seat with good access to the toilet is that you don’t want to be too close to the front or back of the plane. Sitting too close to the toilet can mean your seat is constantly blocked by people queuing to use the loo," she adds.

Three people sitting on a plane
A window seat makes it harder to go to the loo. (Getty Images)

"Overall, the very best seat option on a plane for a comfortable trip with great toilet access is 4C. This seat is an aisle seat towards the front of the plane and isn’t too close to the front of the aircraft that you have people queuing for the toilet next to you. It’s also far enough away from any odours coming from the bathroom."

Seat 11A, on the other hand, is the position that’s furthest away from the loo, which can be an inconvenience if you’re staying well hydrated.

"Not only do these issues cause inconvenience, but the seat also boasts no windows, despite being a so-called window seat," Ryan adds.

If you do happen to be flying long-haul, one of the best hacks is to nab a row of seats to yourself so that you can spread out on your journey.

"Many airlines allow you to check seat availability online prior to the flight," Jessie Moore, travel expert and founder of the luxury travel blog Pocket Wanderings, previously told Yahoo UK.

"This will show you how many seats are empty on the flight and if any rows are completely empty, allowing you to choose a different seat on a row with free seats. Just remember, while a row may be free when you change your seat, there’s no guarantee someone won’t go on to book a seat on the same row later."

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