Ben Shephard slammed by This Morning guest in awkward moment: 'What a silly statement'

Ben Shephard slammed by This Morning guest in awkward moment: 'What a silly statement'

Ben Shephard was slammed by a guest on This Morning in an awkward moment. The TV presenter was left perplexed after interviewee Dave King branded one of his questions "silly" on the ITV show.

Ben, 49, interviewed the 'weather guru' with co-host Cat Deeley, 47, on Thursday, 23 May. They discussed the weather forecast, as well as Dave's unique methods of being able to predict the weather using nature.

"UK weather is predetermined by two things, and two things only - nature and the moon," Dave claimed on the show. Visibly confused by his statement, Ben repeated: “Nature and the moon?”

Ben Shephard on This Morning
Ben Shephard found himself involved in an awkward moment on This Morning -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

“The moon is never, ever wrong," Dave added. Ben then went on to ask him about predictions of an upcoming heatwave.

The TV host asked: “So the moon says, half term, is it going to be hotter than Turkey?” Dave laughed at his question and asked him to clarify what he meant, before branding it "silly".

“What part of Turkey? Cause they’ve got mountains in turkey, what a silly statement," Dave said to Ben, who appeared to be growing frustrated. He told the guest it was a question and not a "statement", before repeating: "It was a question Dave.”

Dave hit back at him: “A rhetorical question, a load of rubbish.” The This Morning host looked at his notes, and told Dave he'd been "given" the question to ask in the interview.

Dave King on This Morning
Dave King was interviewed on the ITV show about the weather -Credit:ITV

Dave then returned to the question and answered it. He stated: "It's not going to be hotter than Turkey, no. If we get to 20, we'll be doing well."

He went on to predict that from 30 May until 6 June, temperatures will warm up across the UK. The interview soon ended, with Ben and Cat - who remained silent throughout the awkward moment - looking unimpressed.

Fans reacted to the encounter on social media, with a mix of opinions being shared. Some accused Ben and Cat of being "nasty" to Dave, while others said he'd been shown "little respect".

Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard on This Morning
Ben's co-host Cat remained silent during the awkward moment -Credit:ITV

"Why are they being so nasty to Dave? #thismorning," one person wrote on X. A second added: "Oh dear. not sure they quite know how to handle Dave #thismorning."

"Well this is awkward and embarrassing #thismorning Ben & Cat have obviously never seen Dave before!" a third wrote. Another person said: "#thismorning why show Dave the weather man such little respect????"