Baby names inspired by ‘Bridgerton’ for your own little Gentle Reader

Bridgerton cast

It’s Bridgerton season! As we all wait with bated breath for the second half of season three—and all of the steamy, swoony, gorgeous eye candy we know it will bring—what better way to occupy our time than by browsing baby names inspired by the show?

For parents who are so in love with the show that they are considering naming their baby after a character, we did a little leg work to look into the meanings of the character’s names to give you a head start.

Go ahead, cue up a little Vitamin String Quartet (or a little Pitbull, if you so choose) and your favorite iced dessert and enjoy.

Girl names inspired by Bridgerton

Alice means noble. Alice is Will’s wife and she is just that—noble. Especially now that her eldest son is, well, literally part of the nobility now. She wants to ensure that her husband makes what he deserves with his new career as a gentleman’s club owner but also cares deeply for her children.

Charlotte’s name is the female version of Charles and means free man—an idea that suits her character well as she strives to free herself from the incessant gossip. She’s the queen in the show. She took on this role because her husband is not well. She reads Lady Whistledown incessantly and bases her daily emotions on the gossip in the paper. She will do anything to find Whistledown and demask her.

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Cressida means gold; if her character’s name refers to a gold medal in trying to make other people miserable, she’s got that covered. She will do anything to get the most eligible and ideal husband. She even fakes fainting in the show and is all about ruining Daphne’s name.

Daphne, the heroine of the first season, has a few meanings; to some, it means victory, while for others it means laurel tree. According to Greek mythology, a nymph turned Daphe into a laurel tree to avoid the unwanted attention of Apollo. In the show, she’s the eldest Bridgerton daughter, meaning she’s the first to debut.

Edwina, or “rich friend,” is a lovely name if you’re looking to secure the diamond of the season. And diamond she was, in season two.

Eloise has a few possible meanings: warrior and healthy. And these both make sense for her character, full of healthy self-confidence and fighting the notion that she has to get married at all! She’s all about being Miss Independent and wanting to make a name for herself. (But here’s hoping she puts down her weapons (just a bit) and befriends Penelope again soon.)

Francesca means free, and we love it for a free-spirited young lady! She doesn’t care if the Queen of England herself is ready to set her up with a husband, she’ll choose who she wants thankyouverymuch.

Genevieve is French and means either white wave or simply woman. The women of London certainly to flock to Genevieve for her renowned dress-making skills, so the name does ring true! In her role as a seamstress, she picks up on all the town gossip and romances.

Hyacinth is an amazingly fragrant flower and the name of one of the youngest Bridgerton siblings.

Kathani is a gorgeous name of Hindi origin that means “statement.” And a statement is exactly what she makes as she catches Anthony “Bane Of My Existence” Bridgerton’s eye.

Penelope’s name comes from Homer’s Odyssey. Her name means “weaver,” and that couldn’t be more apt for our beloved Pen as she weaves her way off the wall and into the arms of Mr. Colin Bridgerton. We can’t wait to see where she weaves herself in the second half of her season!

Philipa is the name given to someone who loves horses; it remains to be seen if Mr. Finch has uh, ponied up to her properly just yet.

Portia may have a name the comes from the Latin word for pig, though other sources say it means offering. We’d love for our Portia to offer a bit more kindness if we’re being honest! She is also sneaky and hyper-critical of her daughters. Lots of drama goes down and she’s at the center of it.

Prudence means good sense (though we can’t be sure it applies to fashion, in her case on the show).

Rae is a ewe, or female sheep, which makes sense for Penelope’s maid, who herds her beloved mistress and Colin together on more than one occasion this season.

Siena is a name inspired by a Tuscan town. It turns out that there several opera houses in Tuscany, so the name is well-suited to London’s favorite soprano from season one.

Violet is the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, and her name reflects the violet flower or the color purple. She puts pressure on Anthony to fill the role of man of the house.

Boy names inspired by Bridgerton

Anthony is the oldest of the Bridgeton children. His name means priceless one (though according to the characters of the show, it would be more appropriate to name him something that means “rake”). It’s safe to assume he’s priceless to Viscountess Kathani Sharma Bridgerton, his wife.

Benedict means blessed; in the case of Bridgerton, it seems to mean “blessed” with artistic ability. He and his sister Eloise are close (you can see it in their demeanor).

Colin’s name meaning is as adorable as he is—it means pup! But he definitely is able to hang with the big dogs by season three—as Benedict says, he sure is “sturdy.”

George means either farmer or earth. Farmer George is Queen Charlotte’s beloved husband, so this tracks perfectly.

Gregory is derived from the Greek name ‘Gregorios,’ which means alert and watchful. He is the youngest Bridgerton.

Marcus is the perfect name for a man ready to go to the mattresses for Violet Bridgerton, as the name literally means “warlike.” Here’s hoping Lady Danbury’s brother is up to snuff for the most cherished mama in the marriage mart!

Phillip is a name for someone who loves horses. He’s the younger brother of Sir George. He’s noble in the sense that he vows to marry Marina and care for the child because his brother would have wanted to do the same with Marina.

Simon’s name’s meanings all come from the idea of listening and hearing. And we get it—Daphne could probably listen to him all day!

Will means protector, and is therefore well suited to the boxer of our tale! Will is married to Alice and is Simon’s best friend. He’ll do anything to protect his family and ensure their well-being.

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