Shoppers mock ASOS for selling £68 'bubble wrap dress'

Bubble wrap
ASOS shoppers are mocking the online retailer for selling a ‘bubble wrap dress’ [Photo: ASOS]

From Coachella to the red carpet, the likes of millennial supers, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, have successfully led the near-naked trend into SS19 but has ASOS taken the noughties comeback one step too far?

The online fashion retailer is flogging a £68 see-through dress which bears a striking resemblance to erm, bubble wrap.

The slinky mesh beach dress by streetwear label, Jaded London, features a cowl neckline, spaghetti straps and is made from 100% polyamide – a stretchy plastic often used in workout gear.

Bubble wrap
Would you pay £68 for the completely see-through dress? [Photo: ASOS]

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But this is what gives the ensemble its familiar pop-worthy bubble wrap feel, as a number of social media users pointed out.

One asked, “Anyone want to go out in a dress that looks like bubble wrap?”

While another joked, “£68 for bubble wrap? Absolute bargain ASOS x”.

On the dress’ now-viral status, co-founders of Jaded London, Jade and Grant Goulden, told Yahoo UK: “We’re thrilled that people are taking a huge interest in our product, as we try to be as cutting edge with our designs as possible.”

“As a brand, we push the boundaries and create statement pieces for trend setters, not fashion followers, they continued. “Fashion should create conversations and be noticed and this dress does exactly that.”

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Though it’s certainly not the first time ASOS has come under fire for its unusual clothing items and accessories.

In recent months, the fashion giant has been caught out for selling a completely see-through bag for £15 while a ‘high-vis’ hoodie sparked widespread amusement.

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Joking aside, ASOS has been the subject of scrutiny with loyal customers threatening to boycott the company after their accounts have been deactivated.

The online retailer recently announced that it will shut down accounts that boast an ‘unusual pattern of returns activity’ in an attempt to crack down on fraudulent behaviour.

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