Anti-chafing bands are here to save your summer, and people can’t get enough of them

Sales of anti-chafing bands have sky rocketed during the heatwave [Photo: Wowcher]
Sales of anti-chafing bands have sky rocketed during the heatwave [Photo: Wowcher]

Who isn’t loving the heatwave right now?

But while the pros of a hot summer are limitless (hello al fresco drinking), the sunshine also brings with it a few unpleasant problems.

Humidity hair and excessive sweating are just a couple of the hot weather irritants we have to put up with when the mercury rises, but thigh chafing is possibly the most annoying.

While people have been experimenting with roll-on deodorant, Vaseline and talcum powder to ease the problem, there’s another answer to that unpleasant inner thigh rubbing.

Turns out sales of anti-chafing bands are on the rise, with e-commerce marketplace Wowcher reporting a drastic increase in purchases over the past couple of weeks.

But what the heck is a chafing band?

“If you want to banish chafing and feel comfortable all year round, even on your summer holidays, then today’s thigh bands will be your next best friend!” the info on one of the anti-chafing bands explains

“Never worry about throwing on your favourite summer dress or skirt because today’s deal will have you feeling ready for the hottest months of the year!”

Speaking about the rise in anti-chafing band purchasing Sam Eley, marketing analyst at Wowcher told Independent: “Chafing can happen all year round, but the current sustained summer heatwave hasn’t helped reduce thigh friction!

“During peak trading hours we are selling as many as one pair of anti-chafing bands per minute, and in the first half of July, we have already sold 88 per cent more bands than in the whole of June!”

“Aiming to reduce any pain from rubbing, the bands slip on easily to protect your skin and provide extra support too,” Sam Eley added.

Pretty Little Thing sold out of their own anti-chafing bands last month [Photo: Pretty Little Thing]
Pretty Little Thing sold out of their own anti-chafing bands last month [Photo: Pretty Little Thing]

And it seems the public agree with many taking to social media to declare their gratitude and love for the anti-chafing band.

“Anti chafing thigh bands are a dream,” one fan wrote.

“OK. I bought these anti chafing bands for my thighs and THEY ARE LIVE SAVERS! I can finally wear dresses again,” another woman agreed.

So impressed were some users, that they offered the bands as suggestions to others who lamented their own chafing problems.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loveee [sic] summer. But when you have thicker thighs, my god, chub rub is the worst. I kid you not it’s painful,” one woman wrote on Twitter.

Before another offered her a simple solution.

“You can get anti chafing bands on Amazon or ebay for a few quid…lacey [sic] and pretty with silicone to stop them falling down,” the user suggested.

The bands first made headlines last month when online retailer Pretty Little Thing launched its own range, which quickly sold out in every size.

The brand’s website states: “Put your chafing days behind you and make these bands your saviour. Featuring one pair of black bands, style these under any look for extra support and a ton of comfort.”

Thanks anti-chafing bands, you might just have saved our summer.

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