How to stop your thighs chafing in the heat (and it doesn't involve Vaseline)

Girl in field
Don’t let it ruin the good weather for you [Photo: Pexels]

Of all the problems the heat brings us (think mad, humidity hair, excessive sweating) thigh chafing has to be one of the most irritating.

What’s more, it can be quite painful, not to mention leave a horrid rash.

A classic trick used by runners is to stick some Vaseline in the problem spot between your legs, but many find it melts off too quickly and feels a bit gross.

Then there’s talcum powder, but your sweat would never let that dream last for long, would it?

But there’s another answer, girls and boys – roll-on deodorant.

“Roll-on deodorant is a total game-changer,” Martha, a 25-year-old Londoner, told The Independent.

“Chafing was honestly the bane of my life before I learned this trick. It’s the best life hack I’ve ever experienced.”

And she’s not the only one to swear by it as Twitter users have also recommended it en masse.

According to them, not only does it work like a charm, but has a long-lasting effect as well.

So put down those leggings you were considering as a last resort – overheating instead of wearing that cool, floaty dress you originally wanted to would be a travesty.

Will you give it a go?

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