5 fool-proof hacks for surviving (and thriving) in the heatwave

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Hacks like freezing your bed sheets before sleeping will help you cope this heatwave. [Photo: Getty]
Hacks like freezing your bed sheets before sleeping will help you cope this heatwave. [Photo: Getty]

Newsflash: it’s pretty hot outside – and don’t we know it.

From hourly updates from our friends on social media, the disarray of the public transport system and overpacked beaches come the weekend, there’s no ignoring the onslaught of summer.

But perhaps the most obvious signal that the heatwave is here is the physical demands that come with it.

Sweat patches, dehydration, chafing and boob sweat, are just a few byproducts to the glorious weather.

From getting your hands on a smartphone fan to eating spicy foods and putting your pillowcase in the freezer, here are the best hacks to get you through the heatwave…

Banish boob sweat

For big-breasted women, boob sweat can be one of the biggest afflictions of the hot weather.

Arguably worse than any other kind of sweat (armpit and back sweat included) boob sweat occurs when a pool of perspiration gathers in your bra.


Boob sweat isn’t fun for anyone, but can easily be treated with some talcum powder which is great for soaking up sweat.

Another great (albeit crazy) hack is to use pantyliners.

Yep, just pop one into the lining of each cup and you’ve found yourself a great solution to soaking up sweat.

Eat spicy foods and drink hot drinks

We’d forgive you for thinking ‘ARE YOU MAD?’ at this very moment.

Eating spice and guzzling down hot drinks might seem counterintuitive in the hot weather, but it turns out there’s actually a lot of science behind the benefits of battling heat with heat.

Consuming spicy foods can actually cool us down through their ability to make us sweat.

In a similar way to spice, drinking a hot drink has been proven to cool the body down. When drinking a hot drink the nerve receptors on our tongue respond by telling the brain that our body is too hot and needs to cool down.

So there you have it: cook up a spicy curry and wash it down with a good old cuppa this heatwave.

Eating spicy foods like curry can actually cool your body down. [Photo: Getty]
Eating spicy foods like curry can actually cool your body down. [Photo: Getty]

Tackle sweat patches properly

Sweat patches are a normal occurrence for most of the population during summer, but for some people they can be a real nemesis and lead to a lot of embarrassment.

Believe it or not, sweating actually helps to cool us down, therefore trying to stop sweat in its tracks with antiperspirant isn’t always the best idea.

Dandi patches aim to tackle this problem: they’re a super-absorbent stick-on patch for your underarm to be worn throughout the day.

Ta-dah! Awkward sweat patches solved.

(But still use deodorant please).

It’s one of the more crazy solutions to sweat patches but they work. [Photo: Dandi patches]
It’s one of the more crazy solutions to sweat patches but they work. [Photo: Dandi patches]

Get a good night’s sleep by freezing your sheets

Hear us out.

Sealy UK’s resident sleep expert, Neil Robinson, has suggested that a good tip for sleeping during the heatwave is throwing your bedding in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes before bed.

This way, you’re able to drift off in a bit more comfort without any stick sheets situations.

It may sound extreme but it works wonders, and if you’re pushed for space, then just cool your pillow case.

Smartphone fans are super handy or hot commutes. [Photo: <a href="https://www.shopphonefancy.com/products/iphone-mini-cooling-fan" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Phone Fancy" class="link ">Phone Fancy</a>]
Smartphone fans are super handy or hot commutes. [Photo: Phone Fancy]

Get yourself a smartphone fan aka the best purchase you’ll ever make

There’s nothing worse that sitting on the tube or a bus on a particularly sweltering day and literally gasping for air.

This is where a fan is vital.

But gone are the days of carrying around a hand-held fan, instead, opt for a smartphone fan that you simply plug into your micro-USB socket and off it goes.

All the cooling, less of the effort, plus you can carry on browsing your emails in cool bliss while the propellors whirl.

What’s better is that they’re low noise, low power consumption, and cost roughly £1 off eBay. Result.

You’re welcome.

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