6 ways sleeping naked is good for your health

Woman sleeping naked
It’s more than just comfortable [Photo: Getty/Eunika Rogers/Eyeem]

If you’re not an advocate of sleeping naked already, you’ve probably done it out of necessity during a sweltering summer night.

But far from just a last resort, once you start doing it regularly, you’ll never go back to snoozing wrapped up in pyjamas.

Primarily because it’s super comfortable, but also as there are a number of ways that it can be beneficial for your health.

Here are a few.

It’ll make you sleep better

Woman sleeping
It’ll help you sleep deeply [Photo: Getty/Westend61]

Remember that first and foremost, humans are animals too – yet we’re the only ones to wear clothes while sleeping.

Because the human body is in fact designed to decrease in temperature as we sleep – and it makes an important difference to how good a quality that sleep is.

A neurological study published in the journal Brain found that even slightest cooling of your skin can help you to fall into a much deeper sleep.

So if you feel you’re a light sleeper, perhaps it’s time to rip those PJs off.

It’ll make you less stressed

Legs under duvet
Once you try it, you’ll never go back [Photo: Getty/MARIOS07]

Besides ensuring you’re not exhausted generally, better-quality sleep will also make you less stressed.

This study found that sleep “sleep deprivation lowers the psychological threshold for the perception of stress from cognitive demands” – in other words, a lack of sleep could make you less able to cope with stressful things.

But it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

It’ll help stave off yeast infections

Woman in underwear
Take off those pants [Photo: Getty/James Darell]

For preventing thrush, the NHS recommends avoiding wearing tight-fitting underwear or tights, as this offers the perfect damp environment for it to thrive.

And what better way of avoiding wearing tight-fitting clothing than in bed, naked?

It could help you lose weight

Naked man asleep in bed
You don’t need to lift a finger [Photo: Getty/4×6]

According to a study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health, keeping cool as you sleep could actually speed up your metabolism.

To keep warm, your body creates more brown fat – which is different from white fat – and helps us burn rather than store calories.

It’s usually what we create when we exercise.

It can protect your fertility

Couple holding baby shoes
It has different benefits for men and women [Photo: Pexels]

For men, keeping uncovered could help keep your sperm healthy.

A study from the National Institute of Child Health and Development at Stanford University found that men who slept naked rather than wearing boxers had a 25% lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm.

So if you’re looking to become a father someday, this is a better excuse to stay nude than any.

It could be good for your relationship

Happy couple
It makes plenty of sense [Photo: Pexels]

According to a survey of 1,000 people by Cotton USA, 57% of naked sleepers said they were happier with their relationship compared to 48% people who wore pyjamas.

We wouldn’t be surprised if sleeping naked makes you feel closer to your partner, or that those in healthy relationships are just more likely to sleep naked.

Either way, ditching your nightie sounds like a pretty safe bet.

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