A photo showing the incredible powers of breast milk is taking the Internet by storm

A photograph showing the amazing powers of breast milk is going viral [Photo: Getty]
A photograph showing the amazing powers of breast milk is going viral [Photo: Getty]

Experts have long been waxing lyrical about the amazing qualities of breast milk when it comes to feeding a baby. Not only does it offer them the perfect blend of nutrition, but breast milk also contains antibodies that can boost your child’s immune system.

While, studies have also revealed this to be true, seeing the incredible powers of breast milk with your own eyes, is pretty darned amazing.

Which is probably why an image offering actual proof of breast milk’s unbelievable qualities is currently going viral.

It was posted by mum Vicky Greene, who also happens to be a first year biosciences student. She took to Facebook to share an image of an experiment she was carrying out to compare the quality of breast milk at different ages.

The 31-year-old from South Devon uploaded a photo of breast milk in nine different petri dishes that also contain bacteria. In each dish, Vicky submerged a small disc of the bacterium micrococcus luteus (or M. Luteus) into two different breast milk samples — one of a mother nursing a 3-year-old and the other from a mother breastfeeding a 15-month-old.

The germ, Vicky wrote, is represented by the white spot in the middle, while the breast milk is the speckled off-white liquid that surrounds it. And around the white blotch is a clear ring. Vicky went on to explain that within that parameter is where we can find the proof of breast milk’s infection-fighting capabilities. Because in the middle, where the breast milk was placed, the bacteria is completely gone, killed off by the breast milk.

“See the clear bit around the discs, that’s where the proteins in the milk have killed off the bacteria! I’m so excited!!!” Vicky wrote in the accompanying caption.

“It also worked with E. coli and had a fairly good go at MRSA too….the future is bright, the future is breast milk.”

Since posting earlier this week, the astonishing photo has been liked more than 24K times, shared over 23K times and received hundreds of comments from impressed followers.

“Wonderful. Thank you for the science to support the magic of breast milk!” wrote one fan.

“I love this! As a mother who breastfeed both of my kids and a science teacher I find this very cool!” added another.

But although Vicky’s experiment does seem to highlight the powerful propensities of the white stuff, it should be pointed out that not every mum can or wants to breastfeed their little one. And babies who are formula-fed often fare just as well as their breastfed counterparts. The way you feed your bubba is a personal choice and no one should be shamed or judged for the decision they make.

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