Ziwe Fumudoh loves 'a spacious bag'

Ziwe loves a big bag credit:Bang Showbiz
Ziwe loves a big bag credit:Bang Showbiz

Ziwe Fumudoh loves sporting “a spacious bag”.

The ‘Ziwe’ host needs a roomy handbag to “carry” all her belongings like her “disposable camera” while bopping around Paris Fashion Week.

The 31-year-old comedian told “Purses! I love a spacious bag. It’s the only way I’m able to carry my disposable camera.”

Ziwe admitted to having a “strict workout regime” to maintain her rocking bod.

She said: “I’m not going to lie to y’all, I have a strict workout regimen. I do kickboxing classes on YouTube and I start each day with a hearty meal of macarons.”

The queen of satire - who regularly makes A-listers uncomfortable about their white privilege in the funniest way on her Showtime chat show that has featured Drew Barrymore, Phoebe Bridgers and Julia Fox - loved the skimpy Miu Miu outfit she wore to their show, complete with white bra crop top despite the potential “HR complaints” it could ignite.

Ziwe said: “I love that the outfit was comfortable. I believe in function over form. I would wear this skirt set to work—zipping up the coat to stave off any HR complaints—and then I would wear it to the club with my little bra out.”

She confessed she “already” knew she was going to love the Italian fashion house’s team-up with New Balance as she spent her childhood near a factory of the athletic brand.

She said: “I grew up near a New Balance factory, so you already know I loved this Miu Miu by New Balance collab.”