Twitter users are comparing Kanye West's Yeezy Foam Runners to Crocs

Yeezy Foam Runners were debuted on the brand's Instagram today. [Photo: Twitter]
Yeezy Foam Runners were debuted on the brand's Instagram today. [Photo: Twitter]

Pictures have surfaced of Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runners – and Twitter users are comparing them to Crocs.

The latest shoes from West’s athletic footwear line Yeezy Mafia have a lightweight structure, are made from foam and have a number of ventilation holes - just like the iconic clog shoes.

The Yeezy Foam Runners, which will be available from next year, were first debuted in a tweet shared by the official Yeezy Mafia account yesterday, which featured both a male and female model wearing the unisex shoes while sitting on a motorcycle.

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Although the price of the footwear has not been confirmed, a tweet from the account said it would be “very affordable” compared to the $150 (£121) price tag of other Yeezy Mafia shoes.

But people on the internet are having a field day over the similarity to the notoriously divisive footwear which is Crocs.

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Some are calling them “ugly” and mocking the idea of people wearing a more expensive version of the affordable clog shoe.

But it seems Yeezy Mafia are dealing well with the backlash.

In a witty move, the person running the Yeezy Mafia account retweeted a post where Crocs are compared to “the guy she tells you not to worry about”.

This isn’t the first time Crocs have inspired high-end fashion. Versions have been seen on both the Christopher Kane and Balenciaga catwalks in recent years.

At Balenciaga’s SS18 fashion week show, the fashion house added a 10cm platform to give the foam shoe a more ‘high-end’ look, while Christopher Kane’s take on Crocs featured rhinestones at London Fashion Week SS18.

Last year, Post Malone’s Crocs collaboration sold out in less than 10 minutes, with the £60 shoe going for resale prices of as much as £310 on eBay.

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