World’s Strongest Man Tom Stoltman Reveals His 13,000-calorie-a-day Competition Diet

Strongman fans in the UK were finally able to see Tom Stoltman defend his World’s Strongest Man title on New Year’s Day, as the final round of the 2022 SBD World's Strongest Man competition aired on Channel 5, ten months after he won the contest.

The 28-year-old posted 53.5 total points in the final to clinch the title, hosted in Sacramento, California, scoring within the top three places in all events to become just the 10th man in history, and the first since 2016, to win the competition twice.

Followers of former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall will be familiar with the colossal calorie-dense diets strongmen follow in order to fuel their training leading up to competitions – and Stoltman, it seems, is no exception.

The 6ft 8-inch, 384-pound strongman previously revealed in an interview with GQ what it took to claim the World’s Strongest Man title for a second successive year, sharing a unique insight into his mind-blowing competition diet.

The Scotsman told the publication: ‘The week before World Strongest Man is the most intense for food in our life. It’s about 13,000 calories.’

He revealed what a typical week of eating leading up to the competition looked like, with his typical daily diet consisting of:

  • Breakfast: A pancake stack with strawberries, bananas, honey and “anything I really want on there” followed by “a wee snack of my choice”.

  • Lunch: Double burger and chips – repeated three times during the day.

  • Dinner: Pasta because “it’s extra starchy and it’ll sit in your belly and digest slowly”.

  • Desert: Chocolate cake

While it might sound great to be able to eat whatever you want, and in such large quantities, ‘I don’t enjoy it,’ said Stoltman. ‘By the end of the week, I’ve put on 10 kilograms, I can hardly walk and I’m not sure how I lift.

‘I know it sounds like a lot of food but when you break it down, you’re probably burning over 6 or 7,000 calories a day during the event.’

‘People will look at that and say it’s unhealthy, but we eat for fuel — we’re not eating for quality. We’re eating to use it to be the most effective we can for lifting weights.’

Stoltman will next compete at the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic in March, meaning that he will not be competing at the 2023 Britain's Strongest Man contest, scheduled to take place on 28 January in Sheffield, England.

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