One in four women say they would propose as leap year approaches

Woman propose to man
The Leap Year is traditionally a time for women to propose. (Getty Images)

While getting down on one knee is usually a tradition reserved for men (in heterosexual relationships, that is), a leap year turns the norm on its head.

According to legend, St. Bridget struck a deal with St. Patrick that ‘allowed’ women to propose to their partner on one very specific day: Leap Day.

The day, which falls on 29 February, only occurs once every four years making it a day when normal rules 'don't apply’.

Now, with a Leap Day scheduled for 2024, a new study has found that one in four (27%) of women would like to, or have already, proposed to their male partner.

However, many aren’t waiting until Leap Day to make it official, with 10% of respondents to the survey from Guides for Brides saying that Christmas would be the perfect time for women to propose, with 40% saying that the reason for their proposal would be wanting to surprise their partner.

Other reasons why women wanted to propose include not believing the notion that only men can pop the question (39%), finding it empowering (17%), and 14% said they were ‘fed up’ of waiting for a proposal from their other half.

An aerial view of a man presenting his girlfriend with an engagement ring while sitting at a table in a restaurant together.
The majority of women who propose say they find it 'empowering'. (Getty Images)

However, the survey also found that one in seven men (15%) would flat out refuse a proposal if the woman got down on one knee.

While 73% said they would accept their partner’s proposal, the reasons why some men wouldn’t included wanting to stick to tradition (28%), believing it’s the man’s responsibility to propose (26%), and not being ready to get married (14%).

A further 25% of men said their partners found out about their plans to propose before they got the chance to do so, while 54% managed to surprise their significant other.

For the women hopeful about proposing in the coming leap year, 88% of the women who did propose in the leap year said they were successful - so it’s time to get planning.

If you’re unsure how to propose, you can check out our complete guide here. It includes how much to spend on a ring, and all the dates and locations to avoid. Love is seriously in the air!

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