Wedding expert's strict dos and don'ts list divides social media users

Wedding tips. (Getty Images)
The top 10 wedding faux pas revealed. (Getty Images)

A wedding expert has shared her tips and tricks of what you should – or shouldn't – do to ensure your big day runs as smoothly as possible.

The suggestions range from not having too many bridesmaids to not tying the knot too late in the day.

The number one big no-no is to never have a friend or family member take your photos.

"I have heard so many horror stories in the 14 years I have been doing this of people who want to save money or has an uncle who has a great camera," Kat Williams, founder and editor of Rock N Roll Bride magazine, explains.

"It very rarely ever works out," she adds, with many people "hating their photos" with "nothing they can do about it".

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Evening wedding. (Getty Images)
Having your wedding later in the day when it's getting dark could ruin your wedding photos. (Getty Images)

Williams also warns couples not to let guests use their phones during the ceremony to prevent those snapping away being caught in the background of professional shots.

Plus, she urges those planning a wedding not to have the ceremony too late in the day, and would always have it between 12.30pm and 2pm specifically.

This is especially important if you're having a winter wedding, according to Williams, because it will ruin photos and give you and guests less time to party.

"If you are having a wedding late, it'll probably going to be getting dark and by the time you have finished and if you don't do the photos beforehand your photos are going to be dark and crap," she explains.

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Wedding. (Getty Images)
Avoid buying a wedding dress that doesn't fit you at the time. (Getty Images)

Buying a wedding dress you plan to 'slim' into is a big no. Williams doesn't agree with the extra pressure to lose weight that it adds, and the disappointment it might cause if it doesn't happen, not to mention the financial cost of getting a dress re-fitted.

She also recommends not being too safe with the outfit choice, as she herself wishes she had been braver and worn something more her style, rather than something traditional and white.

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When it comes to food, hold back. Williams advises couples don't over-order and are left with waste Guests don't need canapés and an ice cream bar and a taco station and a sweet table and dinner and desert and cake and an evening buffet – you get the gist. Your bank balance will thank you, too.

Another key don't is having too many bridesmaids. "More bridesmaids means more drama," she explains.

"You have more people to keep happy with their dresses and involve them with the hen parties," she says. "The more bridesmaids you have the more expensive it gets – less is more."

Williams' expert tips, first shared in a series of TikToks videos, has divided social media users.

Kat Williams Founder and Editor of Rock n Roll Bride. See story SWSMwedding - By Ben Barry  Kat Williams, 38, from Reading, has been giving some much-needed advice for anyone planning a wedding. Kat, is the Founder and Editor of Rock N Roll Bride, the ultimate bride for alternative brides. Originally the website started as a blog back in 2007 as a way to document her own wedding journey. Now the website has grown and expanded on social media, now taking the Tik Tok world by storm dishing out the don'ts for happy couples planning their big day. Like most people, Kat started Tik Tok during the pandemic.
Kat Williams' wedding tips have divided her followers. (Getty Images)

"As a guest I hate it when people have their ceremony's too early. I'm usually hungry and haven't had enough time to get ready. We're doing ours at 3pm," commented one TikTok user.

Other have pointed out the financial burden of a professional photographer. "I'm not having photography I cannot afford it at all," wrote one.

A bride-to-be even said she was having a 7:30pm ceremony in October, to which Williams responded, "omg please do your photos before the ceremony I beg of you'.

But, un-phased, the social media user replied, "It's ok I look best in the dark", with a string of laughing emojis.

However, others do agree with Williams' wedding faux pas. "Hit the nail on the head with all of these!" commented one, while another wrote, "all of this is on my things I won't do too, photography especially. most important part of the day aside the future husband!"

Williams has been happily married to her husband Gareth, 43, since 2008. "It is much more accepted these days to do non-traditional things for your wedding," she says.

"Before 2010 the only inspiration you could get is from traditional wedding magazines.

"I want to give people the confidence to do what's best for them and not stick to the norm – just because others do."

She started her website in 2007 to document her own wedding experience, what she 'learned the hard way' and what to do and avoid.

"Looking back I am like 'why didn't I think of that?' or why weren't more wedding dresses available?'," she recalls.

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Williams' top 10 things to avoid are your wedding, in full, are:

  1. Never have a friend or family take photos

  2. Never let people get their phones out during the ceremony

  3. Don't have the ceremony too late in the day

  4. Never but a dress which doesn't fit

  5. Don't order too much food

  6. Never not involve my partner in the planning

  7. Stress too much about what other people think

  8. Don't be too safe with my outfit choice

  9. Don't have too many bridesmaids

  10. Don't not have a videographer

Are there any do's or don'ts you agree with?

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