Not wearing a bra to work can apparently get you sacked

<i>Kate Hannah was reportedly sacked after not wearing a bra to work [Photo: Facebook/kate.hannah.9]</i>
Kate Hannah was reportedly sacked after not wearing a bra to work [Photo: Facebook/kate.hannah.9]

One woman has revealed that the world is perhaps not as free-thinking as we’d like to believe.

22-year-old barmaid Kate Hannah wrote a strongly worded post after being sacked for not wearing a bra to her pub job.

Posting a photo showing exactly what she had worn to work (a grey t-shirt FYI), Hannah wrote: “Yesterday, an inappropriate sexual remark was made to me by my manager’s brother.”

“I felt uncomfortable, objectified and shocked that this had happened. Unfortunately, [the manager] saw fit to deal with the situation by telling me that I’m not allowed into work in future unless I’m wearing a bra.”

Hannah said the experience at the Bird and Beer in Beverley, Yorkshire had left her “feeling body-shamed and completely shocked.”

“I am absolutely disgusted with the blatant lack of respect for my right as a woman to wear whatever makes me personally comfortable. Nobody should EVER feel the need to hide themselves in order to stay away from unwanted sexual comments/behaviour,” she finished.

The Facebook post has since been shared over 500 times with a number of people suggesting boycotting the restaurant along with staging a braless protest outside.

<i>People have labelled the decision as “disgusting” [Photo: Facebook/kate.hannah.9]</i>
People have labelled the decision as “disgusting” [Photo: Facebook/kate.hannah.9]

“This old-fashioned disgusting behaviour needs to be named and shamed,” said one commenter.

“Some people wear bras. Some people don’t. It’s a personal choice. Nipples should not be sexualised,” wrote another.

Hannah’s former employer released a statement in response to her allegations. “We can confirm that no employees have been dismissed from the company regarding these allegations,” the restaurant wrote.

“We have a duty of care to protect all of our employees from any discrimination or sexual harassment within the work place and we take any comments towards our employees very seriously and act upon them immediately in a professional manner.”

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