Woman reportedly kicked off plane for showing too much cleavage

A Florida woman is claiming she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight for wearing this low-cut top.

A woman is claiming she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight for showing too much cleavage.

The unnamed passenger was aboard a plane travelling from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale, when a flight attendant instructed her to “cover up,” accusing her of being drunk.

Not only did the 21-year-old lose her seat on the flight, but after coming to her defense, neighboring passenger, Cathy Supp, was also escorted off the plane.

“She tried to pull her top up further to cover more, each time another flight attendant came with the same issue, telling her in loud and rude tones that she’ll have to leave the plane if she can’t get them covered,” Supp wrote in a Facebook post.

Supp said that although the girl had finished a beer before the flight she was not drunk. She added that she was upset because the crew were “trying to persuade her to leave on her own by threatening police intervention if she were to somehow get sick or become disruptive during the flight.”

Spirit admits the flight attendant made the suggestion to cover up, but that’s not why the woman was told to leave.

“Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage,” Spirit spokesman Paul Berry said. “People are taken off of planes because of their behavior.”

The passenger has since told Local 10 News: “It’s not even about money. I was really embarrassed.”

Both women were later rebooked on new flights.

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