Woman's simple yet genius de-icing hack goes viral

Marie Claire Dorking
People are sharing their car de-icing hacks online [Photo: Getty]
People are sharing their car de-icing hacks online [Photo: Getty]

The temperature has dropped to teeth chattering levels, and while frosty mornings provide the perfect excuse to dig out our winter woolies, being forced to de-ice the car every single morning is a not-so-fun consequence of the cold.

Thankfully though people have been sharing their genius de-icing hacks, which will help ease the pain of the morning ritual.

Angela Hickling shared her clever hack to Facebook in a video that has now gone viral, after being shared over 20K times.

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“I'm a genius,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “Get yourself one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and you're sorted. No cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans your window screen too, the brush bit is ideal. Off to work now, have a great day people.”

To replicate the hack, all you need is a similar style bottle, filled with hot water for a frost-free screen in seconds.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the savvy idea Angela told Manchester Evening News: “I was just looking through my boyfriend's cupboard to find some sort of gadget as I really didn't want my fingers freezing off, and saw the bottle.

“I had a light bulb moment.. filled it with warm water and it worked perfectly. I was so happy.

“As you can see on the video it worked instantly, I didn't even need all the water in the bottle,” she added.

Angela isn't the first to take to social media in recent days to share their handy hacks for getting on top of the chilly weather.

Another driver also headed to social media to share his clever way of de-icing a car windscreen, which involves nothing more than a plastic bag and warm water.

The TikTok clip, posted to Twitter, shows someone filling a resealable plastic bag with hot tap water, before using it to wipe away the melted ice.

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While many have praised the de-icing hacks others have questioned whether it is safe to use hot water on a windscreen, raising concerns it might cause the windscreen to crack.

Recent research by Halfords, which polled 1,600 motorists about their winter motoring habits, a whopping half of all motorists have used a kettle of hot water to defrost their car windscreen.

But that could be a costly mistake as the sudden warmth hitting your windscreen in chilly temperatures could lead to the glass cracking.

For our tips on how to safely and legally (yep turns out some of our de-frosting moves could land us in trouble with the law) click here.