Fake your way to warm car seats with Amazon's seat warmers

[Photo: Amazon]
You don't have to have them built in to keep yourself warm this winter. [Photo: Amazon]

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We all hate scraping the ice off of our cars only to climb inside and be greeted with freezing car seats and a steering wheel too cold to touch.

We’re braced for the coldest winter in three decades this year and Amazon has just the thing to make the cold days marginally more acceptable.

Hello, heated car seat covers.

If you don’t already have heated car seats, it’s pretty hard (and very expensive) to get them added.

Amazon’s affordable covers are just £21.89 each. That’s a small price to pay for a warm derrière in the mornings.

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The car seat warmers heat up in 3-5 minutes, so you can turn them on while you scrape the ice off the windscreen.

You place them on top of your car seat and they blend in really quite nicely with the rest of the car. You can also change the temperature of the seat cover so it suits you.

Top tip: leave your gloves on it while you’re waiting for it to warm up. When you’re ready to drive the car you’ll have toasty warm hands for the drive.

Thank us when it’s -2°C outside.

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The car seats are powered by plugging them into the cigarette lighter. Finally, there’s a use for that.

Perhaps the second best (the best is obviously the warmth) thing about these car seat warmers is how they’re made.

Made of composite fiber material, they don’t leave you static when you get out of the car.

Our hair standing up like Cameron Diaz’s in Something About Mary just isn’t a good look.

Many of the built in heated car seats leave your hair and clothes static when you get out. So really, if you think about it, this Amazon bargain is better.

Buy now: Heated Car Seat from Amazon | £21.89

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