Woman transforms wine-stained outfit into 'genius' tie-dye look

Eleanor Walton pulled off a 'genius' wardrobe transformation after a red wine spill [Photo: Twitter]
Eleanor Walton pulled off a 'genius' wardrobe transformation after a red wine spill [Photo: Twitter]

Wearing an all-white jumpsuit may well tick a few fashion boxes this season but there’s no riskier hue when day drinking is involved.

Eleanor Walton learned this the hard way after someone accidentally spilt red wine on her chic all-in-one at Ripon Races over the weekend.

But instead of calling an Uber home, she demonstrated how to tackle a fashion dilemma like a pro by turning the hard-to-hide stain into a whole new look.

With the help of her friends, Walton ordered more wine from the bar and soaked her jumpsuit in the sink to create an impressive tie-dye pattern - another SS19 trend to tick from the list.

Before stepping out in the creative ensemble, she dried the outfit beneath the public hand dryer.

Live-tweeting the experience, she wrote: “Would you believe someone spilt red wine all down my white outfit so my work girls SOAKED my jumpsuit in the sink so it’s now red.”

Her friend, Mia Williamson, then took to the social media platform to debut Walton’s raceday ensemble and likened the look to something fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing would drop as part of its festival line.

“So we’re two hours into the races, and El comes and tells me someone has spilt red wine down her… no problem,” she captioned the image. “Got some more red wine and fixed it and I think we’ve just made a new product to PLT’s festival range.”

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Admittedly impressed by her ‘genius’ quick-thinking, the tweet soon garnered over 162, 622 likes with social media users praising her new look.

“I actually can’t get over this,” one commented. “This is ART gals.”

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Another agreed, adding: “I won’t lie, I’m keeping this as inspiration if it ever happens to me.”

“That... is absolute genius,” a third wrote.

So next time you find yourself in a similar situation then remember, it might just give you an excuse to pull off an impressive outfit change.

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