Tie-Dye is back this summer and here's how to wear it

Caroline Allen
Tie-dye has resurfaced just in time for summer 2019 and it's had a chic makeover. [Photo: Getty]

Many of us were happy that the tie-dye trend was safely in the past.

All it took was for Beyonce to wear it on the beach and Justin Bieber to wear it to church and now every catwalk is awash with tie-dye.

It’s not all bad news, though. Tie-dye might have been resurrected, but it’s had a chic makeover in the process.

The styles we’ll see this summer are a much more muted version of the once loved classic of years gone by.

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The structured tie-dye

The first big change we’ve seen is that the flamboyant pattern has become decidedly more structured.

2019’s version of tie-dye is less hippy and more fashion-forward. It’s something you can wear everyday without having to make a statement.

Marks & Spencer has launched a range of summer dresses whicj fit into this category and work perfectly for summer holidays.

Diamond Print Shirt Midi Dress, Marks & Spencer, £39.50

Ombre tie-dye

Another more muted look we can get on board with is the ombre tie-dye.

The ombre look has been a popular hairstyle for a few years now, but it has only recently made its way into our fashion.

The look, shown by this Coast maxi dress, seems to create more of a dip-dye effect making it a nod to the trend rather than a full-on homage to it.

Laura Ombre Maxi Dress, Coast, £129 [Photo: Coast]

The pastel tie-dye

Classically, the tie-dye pattern was all about bold colours. Rich pinks and garish greens would intertwine with each other to create a statement.

This season’s tie-dye is less about the statement pieces, though.

This New Look pleated skirt is a perfect example of how the style can work without overpowering your entire outfit.

Pink Tie Dye Pleated Midi Skirt, New Look, £24.99 [Photo: New Look]

Horizontal tie-dye

In a bid to add a bit of order to what is seen as quite a disorderly trend, horizontal lines have been added to a lot of tie-dye clothing.

This TOAST Ikat pleated skirt uses a fuchsia and berry colour blocking as a base for the tie-dye.

That base gives the look a more structured finish, contrary to the older tie-dye style which mainly featured a white base colour.

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Ikat pleated skirt, TOAST, £195 [Image: TOAST]

A homage to the original tie-dye

Not everybody wants to see the classic look modernised. That’s evident by the amount of tie-dye that has stayed true to its roots.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t like the trends to divert too heavily from the original, you needn’t fear.

There are plenty of options for the purists amongst us, including this Mango tie-dye blouse.

Tie-dye blouse, Mango, £49.99

There are plenty of ways to wear tie-dye which makes it accessible to everybody. This is perhaps why it’s such a stand-out trend of 2019.