Designer creates jumpsuits you don't have to take off to pee

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The first jumpsuit you don't need to take off to pee has landed [Photo: Leim]
The first jumpsuit you don't need to take off to pee has landed [Photo: Leim]

Jumpsuits should come with a warning label, as there’s nothing more frustrating than having to navigate countless zips just to satisfy your urge to pee.

So we couldn’t hide our excitement after learning that an all-in-one specifically designed to combat all of our toilet troubles is finally in the works.

London-based designer Henrietta Lawrence is set to launch the world’s first range of wee-friendly jumpsuits - garments complete with two side zips so you can spend a penny in peace (without having to fully strip off).

“Jumpsuits are a staple of my wardrobe year-round but I was so frustrated with the toilet situation,” Lawrence told Yahoo UK. “It’s winter for two thirds of the year in the UK and I don’t want to get undressed and cold every time I need the toilet.”

“In the summer you run the risk of being caught in a gross public loo mid-stream and naked, especially as most summer jumpsuits are designed to be worn without a bra,” she added. “Not ideal!”

After growing fed up, Lawrence took the matter into her own hands and designed her first loo-safe jumpsuit.

If the practicality of the romper alone isn’t enough to secure the deal then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are two (may we add, pretty chic) styles to choose from.

The Sisterhood jumpsuit comes in five on-trend colourways from paprika linen to teal velvet and features adjustable straps which can be worn over the shoulders or across the back - that’s two looks for the price of one.

Meanwhile, the ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ edition features long sleeves and a tie-knot back making it perfect for the winter months.

Both rompers are made using fabrics sourced from ethical suppliers and are lovingly handmade in Sheffield.

The 29-year-old mastermind behind the designs is currently raising money for the jumpsuit business on Kickstarter and has raised £2,428 so far.

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If the revolutionary project proves a success, the jumpsuits can be shipped to shoppers across the UK, Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

You can support the project on Kickstarter.

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