Woman 'shocked' after friend charges her '£800 plus food' to stay at her house

A woman's friend, posed by model, charged her £800 to stay at her home. [Photo: Getty]
A woman's friend, posed by model, charged her £800 to stay at her home. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has taken to the internet for advice after a friend charged her hundreds of pounds to spend five nights in her home.

Posting on Mumsnet, the user explained that she had arranged back in January to visit an old friend and her husband, who live in Southern Italy, along with her own husband and two children.

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However, just five days before they were due to leave, the friend then informed her she would like to be paid £800 – plus the cost of food – to host them.

“I’m shocked and deeply upset,” said the woman of her friend, who is also godmother to her daughter.

“Besides which we can’t afford it,” she added.

“I would have been happy to pay £100 p/head plus food but this seems a lot. I feel like not going but what would I tell DD [dear daughter] she is so excited.”

Many users agreed that the friend was being unfair in charging her to stay.

One wrote: “YANBU! [You are not being unreasonable] I wouldn’t go. It’s a visit to a friend, not a stay in a hotel, she is being very cheeky.”

Another added: “That’s beyond cheeky. I’d be very upset. I would never dream of charging friends to visit, especially as they are the ones paying for travel, etc.”

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However, some tried to understand the friend’s mentality, suggesting she might feel “exploited”.

I wouldn't charge friends either,” wrote one user. “But if I thought they were taking the piss...for example only contacting me when they wanted a cheap holiday abroad, then I would probably do something similar.”

This woman isn’t the first person to air her grievances on Mumsnet.

Early this year, a woman took to the forum to explain of her fury at her sister for announcing she’s pregnant just after she gave birth.