Woman's clever Coke can hack could double your wardrobe space

A woman has shared a smart ring pull hack to help double your wardrobe size. (Getty Images)
A woman has shared a smart ring pull hack to help double your wardrobe size. (Getty Images)

If you haven’t been able to resist the lure of some new threads in lockdown, you may now be struggling with a wardrobe groaning at the seams.

Particularly as we’ll soon be digging out the cosy, autumn knits which take up All The Room.

There’s no doubt we could all use some extra wardrobe storage, but short of having to do a cut-throat clothes cull or forking out for a fancy fitted wardrobe, it’s tricky to create the extra space we all need.

Thankfully, one woman on TikTok has come up with a simple yet genius solution that could double, or even triple your wardrobe space, using something you’ll likely find in your recycling bin.

The hack, posted to @hollyvlogsofficial TikTok account, uses ring pulls from a Coca Cola can (though any ring pulls will work) to help you get the most of the space you already have.

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The simple trick involves using discarded ring pulls slipped over the metal neck of a hanger allowing you to add a second hanger to create a stacking effect.

“Are you running out of space in your wardrobe?” the user narrates over a video demonstrating the hack.

“Here’s a life hack for you.

“When you have a can of soda - save the ring pulls.

“Slide the ring pulls onto your coat hangers.

“And then you can stack your clothes using the ring pulls giving you more space in your wardrobe.”

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Since sharing the space-creating hack, the video has received 96.3K and hundreds of comments from impressed users, with some praising it as the “smartest thing I've seen all day”.

Diana Spellman, professional organiser and founder of Serenely Sorted has tried the hack herself and says it definitely works as a means to creating more space in your wardrobe.

However, she has suggested a few things to think about if you are considering giving it a go.

“I tried it with a paperclip which works equally well,” she tells Yahoo UK. “Though with the paperclip and the ring pull, you should take care as they can have sharp edges which could snag or damage clothes.”

As an alternative she’s suggested trying a gardening hook, which won’t pose a risk to clothes.

Spellman also believes the hack will only work if you have depth in your wardrobe.

“Mine is only shirt height, so I don’t have the extra drop,” she explains.

“With the ring pull approach, I also worry slightly about creasing on clothes that have been lovingly ironed and also how easy it will be to sort out once you’ve worn a few of those clothes (will you get annoyed with having to untangle them?)” she adds.

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Wardrobe groaning at the seams? This TikTok hack could help. (Getty Images)
Wardrobe groaning at the seams? This TikTok hack could help. (Getty Images)

As an alternative wardrobe space saver Spellman suggests folding clothes in the ‘Marie Kondo’ style.

“I use the Marie Kondo approach loosely (not perfectly as it takes too much time!), to fold clothes in my drawers to maximise what you can see, avoid creasing and use the space effectively,” she explains.

“My drawers have stayed like this for the past one-and-a-half years since doing this!”

People have been loving life hacks shared to TikTok recently.

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