A groom surprises his guests by rapping his wedding vows, but the bride's response is the real shocker

Will Jones surprised his wedding guests by rapping his wedding vows, but then his wife, Meg, took the mic. (Photo: YouTube)
Will Jones surprised his wedding guests by rapping his wedding vows, but then his wife, Meg, took the mic. (Photo: YouTube)

Words: Hope Schreiber

Writing your own vows, while rewarding and heartfelt, is an extremely stressful undertaking. For one California couple, however, it was a chance to have a little fun and surprise their guests.

Will and Meg Jones, who met online in 2010 on online dating website, Plenty of Fish, decided that the only way to truly express themselves as a couple would be by having a rap battle during their wedding ceremony.

Pulling inspiration from internet rappers like Nice Peter and early ’90s hip-hop, specifically Salt-N-Pepa, the couple rehearsed their vows in secret. They even hid away in their office to conceal the surprise rap from their roommates.

The only people in on the joke were the DJ, the wedding vendors and their officiant.

To the tune of Pachelbel’s Canon in D — remixed, of course — the couple shared rhymes before they exchanged rings.

“Meg, there’s a long road behind us that led here and a longer list of oaths that I thought could be said here. It’s a big day I think you’ll understand that if I shed tears, it’s only because I’m so excited that I finally get to wed here,” Will rapped, ending his verses with “I’m your man, I’ll stand with you for worse and always better.”

Meg responded, “You’re not the kind of man who wants to relax on the beach. You’re the type of man who wants to see the sharks breach. So buckle up big for the adventure of your life, ’cause this girl loves you and she wants to be your wife.”

Love is patient, love is kind, love is planning an epic rap battle for your vows.

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