Woman takes to Twitter after dinner date calls her 'disrespectful' for not texting after he paid

A woman has been roasted by a man she went on a date with six months ago [Photo: Getty]
A woman has been roasted by a man she went on a date with six months ago [Photo: Getty]

A woman has taken to social media to share the scathing message she received from a man she went on a date with six months ago.

Amy Bottrill, from London, had gone on a Tinder date with a man last October, but there had been no contact afterwards.

This was until he messaged her out of the blue to tell her that she was disrespectful for not getting in touch again – particularly as he’d paid for the meal.

He added that he thought she was “dressed like she was at a funeral.”

Feeling a little shocked by the confrontation Amy Bottrill, from London, took to social media to share the post-date dressing down she’d received.

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In the post, which has since gone viral, the man asked: “Do you know how disrespectful it is to have someone take you out on a date, pay for everything, drop you home, then to never call or text that person back.”

Surprised by the angry tone of the message, Amy questioned whether her date had been holding a grudge for six months, to which he responded: “Nope. Life is too short for grudges darling. However, don’t let that stop any reconciling you may have been considering.”

Despite his brusque message, it seems the guy also thought it might somehow persuade Amy to date him again.

“Babe blow the dust off my number and be nice to me,” he wrote. “It took a lot for me to reach out to you after the way you behaved so you should be making much more of an effort right now.”

Despite Amy making it clear that she still wasn’t interested, he proceeded to ask why, to which she explained bluntly that the date had been “awkward” and neither party seemed interested.

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That seemed to incite fury in the man and he decided to get personal telling Amy that on their date she “dressed like you was attending a funeral of someone you didn’t like…quite a contrast to the ways you were dressed in the sexually arousing pictures you were delighting me with prior.”

Amy later explained that she wore a low cut black dress with poppers all the way down and four inch heels, so it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking that acceptable funeral attire.

The post has since been liked 23k times and received thousands of comments, most offering their support to Amy.

But one user could see things from Amy’s date’s point of view.

Some people sympathised with Amy by sharing their own similarly awkward post-date tales.

It isn’t the first time a Tinder date has sparked a huge reaction on the Internet recently.

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