Woman fuming after boyfriend tries to propose with ex's engagement ring

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
A woman has been left fuming after her partner tried to propose with an engagement ring he bought for his ex. Photo: Getty Images

Getting engaged is meant to be one of the most special times of your life, but one bride-to-be was left fuming after her boyfriend tried to propose with a ring made for his ex-girlfriend.

Despite the cheek of her boyfriend, the woman decided to ask for advice on Reddit, claiming her partner is a ‘fantastic guy’ and has always made her feel like she is ‘important’.

She started the post by saying that her and her partner have always talked about getting married but recently he asked her if it would be alright with her is he proposed with an old engagement ring.

He broke up with his ex three years ago and she was the first girl he ever really saw a future with.

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The proposal never happened because she broke his heart over-and-over again, but he had already ordered a customised ring for her from overseas.

“I’m not sure what the actual value of the ring was, but according to him he spent a few thousand dollars on the ring in total,” the woman wrote.

Since then, the ring has just been sitting in her partner’s cupboard and now he finally feels like there’s a purpose for it.

“I do see the practicality of it. He already has a ring anyway, and it’ll go to waste if he doesn’t use it. We could save the money for the new ring and use it on other more important things like our house instead,” she wrote.

However, she went on to say that something in her heart just can’t get over the fact that the ring was originally meant for somebody else.

“He assured me that she never wore it, but I just don’t want something that wasn’t made for me. Am I being unreasonable? I don’t need an expensive ring, and I don’t need diamonds, but I’d like the ring to be bought with me in mind,” she said.

People told her to take the diamond and reset it into another mounting. Photo: Getty Images

She said a jeweller told her partner that he would only get a couple of hundred dollars for it [approximately £150] if he tried to sell is and it was only expensive because it was customised for his ex.

One commenter suggested that the woman take the diamond and reset it in another mounting.

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“If you think the stones and metal aren’t worth much, get yourself a new ring. That’s gross, trying to give you a ring completely made for someone else. You’d look at that thing every day, and resent him for his cheapness,” she said.

The woman replied saying that she loved that idea but didn’t agree that her partner is cheap.

“Wouldn’t exactly call him cheap because he’s always been generous is offering help to me and his friends financially, but I guess he was just thinking too practically about this situation,” she said.

Others agreed with the idea but blasted her partner for his lack of a romantic streak.

“If there’s ever a time to throw out practicality and focus on a little romance, it’s when it comes to your engagement ring,” one person said.

“I know a guy who used a pebble from the beach of their first date to make an engagement ring. That would have more meaning and love than the ExRing. Call it a loss and give the ring to a friend or something,” another person said.

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