Bride-to-be labelled 'materialistic' after rejecting second-hand engagement ring

Would you say “I do” to a family heirloom? [Photo: Getty]
Would you say “I do” to a family heirloom? [Photo: Getty]

A bride-to-be has been criticised online after complaining her boyfriend proposed to her with an “average” looking family heirloom instead of a Tiffany & Co. ring.

In a Reddit post, the 29-year-old explained that she had high hopes of receiving an expensive sparkler after her partner asked her sister which kind of ring would suit her before sending across images from jewellery house Tiffany & Co.

“I was super excited and hyped and I kind of guessed that he wanted to propose on our anniversary,” the American bride explained.

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But when he popped the big question with sentimental second-hand jewellery – passed down to him from his mother – she was less than impressed.

“It’s all sweet and cheesy but it doesn’t look great,” the woman admitted. “Also, I don’t want the beginning of my new life to start with a second-hand ring.”

“When I told him this, he was very upset and told me that he never thought I was so materialistic and he just left,” the anonymous bride continued. “He’s not even answering any of my messages or calls. Was I wrong?”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Reddit users to voice their opinion with some dubbing the bride “materialistic”.

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“If this is REALLY your first instinct when your man proposes to you, do him a favour and don’t actually go through with the wedding,” one commented. “It’s supposed to be about sharing a life with the person you love, not the rock he puts on your finger.”

“It’s so much MORE special than some Tiffany’s ring that 300 other people have…” another chimed in. “I would feel so honoured if someone did something like that for me!”

The Reddit user was heavily criticised online for rejecting the second-hand ring [Photo: Getty]

A fellow Reddit users agreed, adding: “If my boyfriend proposed to me with his mother’s ring not only would that mean that he proposed to me with a family heirloom and a ton of sentiment, but also that his parents approved of me.”

“Many people would be recommending he reconsider the entire relationship because your first reaction was materialistic and shallow,” another commented.

“When someone cares more about the ring than the moment or sentiment, it’s generally a red flag.”

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But there were some – albeit a minority – of Reddit users who understood where the bride is coming from and offered advice.”That ring probably means more to him than you realise,” one wrote. “Maybe you can get it buffed and shine it up a little?”

“Put yourself in his shoes. He was given a ring that symbolises the love of the two people two gave him life and raised him on that love,” they continued.

“He wanted to give you it because he feels your relationship holds the same value as theirs. It’s an extremely kind gesture from both him and his mother.”

Would you say “I do?”